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Right, a good Thursday morning the welcome in to the Jason beam horse racing podcast brought to you by twin spires happy to be with you here as we close out a week of shows this week went by so fast. Marty McGee. Ray handel. David Harrison NHC champ got to join us today a little Thursday guest appearance. I will tell you that David and I went a little longer than our normal interview too, which so, 'cause I really thought about this. I mean, I could sit and talk about this Tampa Bay Saturday card for a good 40 minutes. Like I could do a regular Thursday preview show. But I think I'm going to stick with the plan and have David come on. I'm going to talk about the Tampa card. I'm going to give some initial opinions. And I'll try not to do the obvious ones just because I feel like I've seen a few of these horses. So I kind of want to just give you my opinion as the race caller, which isn't always the best for my handicapping standpoint because we're we miss so much during the race. I've explained that many times, but there are some intriguing entries throughout the day. It starts out there's a couple little handicap type races and a claim or an $8000 cleaver and stuff. So it's a pretty basic card early on, and then we start getting some big names. What I thought was really interesting. Is a couple of the entrance in the 5th and 6th races are like eye opening types, including command performance who was second behind Jack Christopher in the champagne. Fourth in the breeders cup juvenile only beaten 5 links. Well, he's showing up in a maiden race. Again, and on brisnet, he's a prime power one 44, the next closest is one 16. You do not see a lot of 28 point gaps on the prime power. You know, I mean, I guess, you know, maybe like a horse just has a really good debut and nobody else has numbers, but you know, most of these other ones have numbers. You got a $1 million Chad first or in the 6th race for where did it go? There we go. Gina romantic have Peter brand. They've been debuting like we're talking with Marty. They've been debuting a lot of horses over here. Iraq can ride that one. One of the horses they debuted on Sam Davis day ended up entering into the Tampa Bay Derby, and that is money supply who drew post 1112 horses set to go in the grade two $400,000 lamb home south Tampa Bay Derby. Mile and a 16th, the same distance as the CMF Davis. And classic causeway, drew post four, morning line will be out some time today. I think you can programs usually go final one 30 eastern on. Thursday, four Saturday. If I was a guessing man and technically I am. I would venture that classic causeway is 7 to 5 or 8 to 5 on the line. Maybe 8 to 5 just because of the bigger field, there's a full field of 12. And I think that similar to the Sam Davis, you can make a pretty honest case for almost everybody in there. Classic causeways are deserving favorite. He should be favored. Golden glider was one I kind of liked in the Sam Davis. He was 8 to one that day. You know, he's going to be maybe a little higher than that this time. Major general is going to take some money undefeated Todd pletcher horse. We haven't seen since the Iroquois, so he's making that big step from two to three. Money supply I mentioned now he won on Sam Davis day. It was in a sprint. He came from way back. And I remember being rather surprised with what a big figure that got. Got a 92 brisnet figure, a 91 buyer figure. And I just thought that was a lot. Now it's a sprint. So this is, again, a way different game. My guess is, is that they're, oh, that's a clear of a choice. I thought that was a Peter brand horse. Sorry, mister. Man, I think they just, they saw the big number, Porsche ran a Tampa good. Let's take a shot. You know, we're late, obviously in kind of getting into the Derby trail of sorts, but you know, if he jumps up and runs good, you still got time to run one more if you want, if you need points, if you run second or third or something like that. And if he wins, hell, you can take the ultimate crack and try to win the Derby career start number three. Off a maiden win, and a Tampa Bay Derby win. And so I do think he's going to take some money though, just based off the big figures. And the connections. Jose Ortiz is in to ride. Graham motion has Belgrade, who's undefeated, who I was not that impressed with his last start here. Tampa. Now he did not have a good start. It was a 7 furlong race, and so I didn't really see the bad start because we have those trees in the way. But it was a noticeably not great start. Made a bit of a move on the far turn and had to really work to beat a horse named Morgan point. I just think that this horse has too much moving forward to do. They paid a lot of money, the horse could have some ability. I just think it's asking a bit much in this spot. Ship stational coming out of a second place finish in the Sam F Davis. It's a great story, Edward Barker, a longtime horseman, smaller barn in New York based, sent a couple of Tampa, ran a really good second kind of burst out of the pack. What is my question about this race, at least right now, is who is going to go with classic causeway? Because somebody's going to have to. Little Vic, who went with him last time. You could argue, I mean, he went with him. Little Vic, they didn't really let him go on with it. But a little Vic had like sprint speed. I mean, he had really fast sprint speed, and they went an okay clip in the Sam Davis 22 and three 46 and three. But to me, classic causeway looked very comfortable doing that. You know, you could maybe make an argument that trademark will try to go, especially from drawn and post two. He was in the Sam Davis, didn't get out amazingly and faded back through the pack pretty fast. You look at his two previous starts before that, a Churchill, wired a wire both of them. So with the inside draw for trademark, I have to think they want to go. I also wonder if classic causeway wants to stock. You know, based on his past performances, his two wins have been pretty much on the lead. He ran third in that breeder's maturity after being on the lead, got passed by rattle and roll, and then ran decently when stocking in the Kentucky jockey club. So, but I just, I wonder if I know you don't want to be teaching horses lessons in 50 point Derby preps, you want to get points and now he's a horse is already accumulated a few points, so he's a second or third for him, puts him probably in the show, right? And so maybe they take a chance with just getting him to sit second off of trademark if that's who elects to go. I mean, I won't be surprised if somebody tore the outside. Tries to send ship stational had gone gay to wire two starts back in the slop. Now, the slop. The weather is going to be something to watch on Saturday here. Because for a week straight now, ever since Saturday.

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