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Are you know they just don't guy doesn't strike me as someone who serious about de the denuclearization and putin has all the cards the putin to tell the guy kim to offer a new nuclear deal i can't say that word nuclear nuclear deal so that trump would be more popular in america and people vote for him and keep him president general plus abilities pretty pretty sophisticated i think don't you i don't know if he meddled in l if he if he meddled in the election of twenty sixteen these probably gonna win this one so you're saying that putin is going to tell him to go easy on trump's so that they get a nuclear deal signed trump becomes more popular at home and gets reelected president is my easy it's not really concerned that is what i think that happen now asked me if i've been worried about that no i'm not because you know i happen to support president trump i'm just saying that i don't like the idea that president trump because the president because some bryson's you know slavic needs some sledding i just being some person some not american is influencing everything and we're getting played with and we're getting our heads twisted around by some flab since left i don't mean that in a racially superior way i just being that we're americans and we choose don't trump free and clear famous we choose them freeing clear would would like to think that and you know whether or not the the elections of two thousand sixteen were influenced by the russians or not.

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