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Kratz he's here to talk with us today because he is running for a position within the AVMA the AVMA president elect and I'll let him introduce himself a little bit to you before we kind of a let loose the dogs sounds ominous so is Jan said I'm doctor Douglas Kratz I live up in Wisconsin I'm a small animal practitioner and I had a small business owner I own my own practice with my wife I have two small children and am running for AVMA president elect with the election just a few short weeks away right around the corner crunch time is that what you guys call it in the political biz well if I was in the political biz I'd like now but I'm not doctor cat thank you so you want to tell the story about how we met I mean I mean I can tell it no no no I would rather dog challenge dog I want to hear all the details here okay all right so the first time normal back now I'm Jan and I met we were members of the AVMA future leaders program which is I think right now on pause and I don't think I got pause because of Jen and I but it made it we may have had an influence on it I mean our futures in jeopardy here we have no more that what that means the future is bright but the program was a ten veterinarians that would come together for one year and work on a project together and I guess I'll paint the picture in Jan can change it it's ten kind of type a personalities thrown into a room and told to work on something and get along and active active yeah right all right so was it was fun from that aspect and so was a great learning experience I got to meet some really good friends in it that I've now become lifelong friends but that's the made for on network television version about GNN I met right right that's the version appropriate for broadcast on pet live radio is that right yeah you bet we could have for Leggett listeners it's possible we don't a corrupt them yes listen to you can tell me the real story later I I appreciate is trying to keep a P. G. read it but I really have to know kind of some stories here we got to get some doctor Jan stories gone so while we're talking because some PGE rate you want to come back to that later no it's probably pretty are but let's get let's get some stories out there all right all right yes I will point to our previous episode we discussed to the trials and tribulations of working with family as I'm feeling that right now yes well I can relate I was gonna say do you work with your family and I have met your wife and she's fantastic so how is that in the practice so you you've met the better of the two Kratz that's what that's what I'm continually told by my family by the way so so working together you know we we have a lot of good times but as with any couple it's not all good times right and so my wife and I both graduated from Wisconsin about two years apart we were dating for went down there when we were going through the pre marital questionnaires and things we said we would never work together so that worked out well right you got three Meryl questionnaires hi yeah sting they make well I you know they make us think about everything right yeah so or not now whether we listen or not I don't know but so it's only been nineteen years since we work together and it seems to be working so we're both right nineteen years that's very impressive both of you guys must and I have learned to work together the guy takes a lot of commitment on both your parts you that nineteen year that's excellent yeah we complement each other very well or she covers for me very well or to put it excellent that's excellent yeah so tell us about this election tell us what's going on what's happening so you know ninety four thousand plus veterinarians in the country are members of the American veterinary medical association right yeah and it's our national parent organization and every year thank you for just a moment yeah doctor Jason are you an avian a member I am an AVMA member okay I got your crap I have to check that because our check it better if I take a look back check that he is a non conformist I'm very much a non yes but I have joined eighty may and I'm pretty pretty certain somebody's paid my dues every year so I think I'm good to go you are fantastic all right so all right Kerry on doctor crack so every year our national organization elects a president elect in every other year it a lax of vice president and those people serve on the board of directors as well as eleven different district reps which are spread out across the country regionally okay but this election only happens every year for president elect and it's happens at the AVMA house of delegates which is in conjunction with the summer convention and your delegates every person every member of the AVMA as a delegate or actually two delegates from their state that represent the map is about so it's a little bit of a convoluted scheme not scheme but a convoluted way that it's done but your representation is done through two delegates in each state and then they will cast their vote for who they think is that should be the next leader of our organization okay I'm glad you said that because to be honest and maybe not the best representation of the eighty may but I really had no idea how that process took place so to clarify two members of each state right they're the ones represent all all the AMA members of each day and they're the ones who cast the vote for the president and vice president correct and they're done opposing years while the vice president is every two years the presence every year I see and and Jason only to make it a little more confusing please do those two people so the two delegates from Wisconsin once considered the delegate the alternate delegate they can only cast one vote in Dallas it's an all in situation gotcha all right well that's interesting okay very clean I'm gonna make a friend's reference well Chandler being could it be more complicated and well I think it could I think it could be more complicated but honestly demystifying and communicating it with the membership of what of how this happens I think it's really important there was some discussion of Jason you don't have a vote in this election well but you have a voice in the selection and that's the important part of it is that as a delegate from Wisconsin I only get a handful of people reaching out to me about issues within the AVMA every year no I say handful I mean a handful and I have you know I represent a couple thousand people with in Wisconsin so we all have a voice it's just knowing who you can contact in and express your opinion about it so no no leads us into the next question I had very well so is it is that one of the reasons you decided to run for president elect seems like as a interesting thing to run for it is very interesting in that question is a great question and and people think it's an easy question I'm not running for the ABM may present a lack honestly because I think I can make a difference and I've I've been in leadership within the state and the national organization for over fifteen years some people say that's not enough some people probably say that's too much or I don't I believe that number one we need to communicate with the members right it's chasing you it's your organization Janice your organization's my organization and so we have to be able to communicate Hey what the value is being AVMA member and be it is your organization they're there for a reason were there for a reason and I feel like I've done a good job in representing Wisconsin I think I've done a good job in representing the house of delegates at the board meetings in the past and I cannot think things a little bit differently sometimes than the traditional aspect of things and why I'm doing it we don't ever embrace the nontraditional out here on in other never where they call the line whatever whatever line you want to tell we get right on it we never right well day so now I have another story for to tell yet so I'll go get the other stuff that's.

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