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Why 30,000 homeowners have chosen new luck to do their roof, 10 23 and Virginia House Democrats are planning to use an upcoming special legislative session. To vote on the measure that would require businesses to provide paid sick leave. The Democratic majority has unveiled its agenda for the special session. It'll start next week. That session was initially supposed to focus on adjusting the state's budget during the Corona virus pandemic, but has grown to include other issues. A proposal for paid sick leave tops their list after it failed earlier last year. Well for weeks, local leaders here and around the country have been voting to take down Confederate statues. But that won't be the case in one Maryland County, where the county Council voted to keep the Confederate monument right where it is in the hands of the community. Not our hands. This should be something that should be voted on. That's the reason, Talbot County Council member Chuck Callahan told the council. He voted against a resolution to remove the Talbot boy statue that honors Confederate soldiers, Democratic Council member Peter Leisure says allowing it to stand I'm afraid, sadly speak of who we are now as a county And the extent to which we have not yet changed Albert County and CP leader Richard Potter. He's push for the statute removal and says after the three to vote against it. We will continue to rally in protest until he says. The statue comes down Mike Murillo. W T o P News We'll still to come here in money news. The market was just a little lower Maryland companies UK Vaccine Deal I'm Jeff Global, and he's next..

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