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With you actually just tell i feel i hear you real serious question though who do you think more important for them next year gordon hayward or jason tatum for them to hit their ceiling i think it would be tatum and tatum if he really does take a couple of steps forward next year at becomes like a twenty point a game score who's reliably there every single night which he was this season but if he can do that then that gives them kind of like a third star alongside hayward who i'm kind of looking at as more of a known quantity who's gonna come in and be awesome and not be awesome enough to counter a guy like katy but is going to be really good and keep them at like a sixty wind pace all year okay let me rephrase who do you think's gonna make the all star team or like the all nba team would it be hayward or tatum or both hayward pay would be my pick i think he's he's gonna have obscenely goodyear next year and then when we do this podcast next july we will talk about how hayward is now overrated because celtics nation will be talking about him as a top seven guy that's going to be the worst part of the conference imbalance that we mentioned earlier is the great inflation that we have to apply to all these celtics guys it's gonna be really good like five all stars where we go to change the allstar formatted just take the best twenty four guys overall regardless of conference because otherwise it was gonna be like nine celtics on the eastern carpets all star team it's gas so bad that would be my thing i we can like completely revamp the allstar format we don't need to upend the playoffs just yet but we'll see sticking with utah stavros says is grayson allen the new christian leitner please discuss and then morgan says hey guys as i'm sending you this jabari parker is still unsigned don't you think the jazz should take a swing i'll start with grayson allen he's another guy that i kind of secretly like and i've already praised the celtics enough on this podcast i feel even worse praising grayson allen as a lifelong carolina fan but i do think he's going to be pretty valuable and was a good steal for the jazz guitar he'll card is pulled officially we we had so like ago called you out for liking every single do player it was like ingram and right down the list right now you're doing grayson allen on top of that you're you are i just he's objectively going to be helpful and by the way we had somebody else call me out for ignoring justin jackson and his role in the king's future i did that out of love for justin jackson because i think that he had a very shaky year in sacramento last season and i was not trying to draw attention to it but i'm still hopeful for him hopefully he bounced back to the color wheel called and they have revoked your privileges for baby blue so you're out there also think like grayson allen to me he is sort of like meta nuclear war i mean i think if there's any would who is the most likely to start a legit fight in the nba next year like a fight again i don't you know manchu peaceloving man west coast guy i don't like to see real punches thrown if there's a fight next year i would bet a real fight i would bad that he is the one who launched it and he will be smirking in the back assuming he doesn't wind up on the wrong end of a haymaker he will be smirking in the back once it's all over with bodies strewn everywhere so i think that the comparison to leitner there's elements of that but i also think that there's just an ability to take things too far to not just be sort of like when i've you late near it's like annoying as a concept i've you grayson much more that meta world peace category of just like constant your attend to the point that like eventually he just makes you snap no matter what right it is more tangible with him and it's almost compulsive like i have to like he got into it with trae young at the start of things and i i wonder whether he's doing it consciously or not because he does he's like a habitual line stepper.

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