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Kyw newsradio oh one week after a jury found him guilty of three counts of indecent sexual assault bill cosby's wife is out with a statement attacking her husband's accusers the media prosecutors in the court more from kywz suburban bureau chief jim melwert camille cosby calls it mob justice against her husband pointing to what she says is quote judicial executive legislative media and corporate abuses of power she says bill cosby's rights to a fair trial into an unbiased jury were violated by what in her words are the overall media's frenzied relentless demonization of her husband combined with quote unquestioning acceptance of accusers allegations without any attendant proof she says she's publicly asking for a criminal investigation of the montgomery county district attorney arguing criminal charges were the result of what she calls a promise during an unethical campaign for the da's office camille cosby closes her statement by saying she believes someday the truth will prevail adding quote it always does at the suburban bureau jim melwert kyw newsradio at the barnes foundation along museum row on the parkway home to the world's largest collection of renoir paintings the artists son is the focus of a new exhibition kyw steve tower reports visitor becomes immersed in the artistic exchanges between the renowned impressionist master pierre goose renoir and his son the celebrated filmmaker john renoir as you pivot between the paintings and cinema actor the father and the son boosts play a significant role in the heat here raiders sylvie patrice says there are universal themes at play besides how each experimented with new modes of image making an expression how you deal with your father especially when it's ready to major major artist how you find your way how you.

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