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No is the dust on his own natural Prentice on the dust on his run along. Welcome back. We're glad you are here. And always our weekly stateful at this hour talking to Seth Walder about the analytics of what we learned last night. And what it means is we move forward. Always great to talk to you. I asked you about LSU Randy was just making reference amended to go about the questionable ranking any any explanation for that? I realize you don't do it. You just you just analyze everything you're talking about the fan having this. My college football playoff ranking. I'm a little more interested in the college football playoff, right? Yeah. I think so, you know, with LSU, I guess, it's. It's funny. I was looking at their numbers. We don't we give them like a two percent chance to make the playoff at this point, which might sound like to too many points to most people. But I suppose that's extraordinarily unlikely. I guess they're just getting respect for the schedule losing Alabama. I guess the committee's thinking, well everyone's gonna lose to Alabama. If they have to play let's get to the real nitty gritty LSU is not a factor. But Michigan and Georgia are many wondering not that many. But some wondering how Michigan ended up where it is head of Georgia any explanation for that. Yeah. I wasn't surprised to see Michigan four. But I do think that there would be a pretty good case to put Georgia. They're at at four spot. Georgia's better enough PI, they're better strength. The record. Their veteran efficiency all those things are narrow margin. So it's not like they're leaps and bounds better than Michigan. I think you could've made a pretty good case. Ultimately, I don't think it makes a huge difference. Because there's not really a scenario you can fi-. Find where the fourth spot in the playoff on selection. Day comes down to Michigan Georgia. Okay. It's the weekly question about Alabama not about how great the are. But what happens if Haley's comet comes around a little bit early this time and Alabama loses one of these games or the SEC championship game. Take your pick. Yeah. I mean, if they lose the SEC championship game to Georgia. We still think they're in a pretty good spot. But there are ways in which they could end up being knocked out. So you brought up their strength of schedule before. And here's the situation if we do kind of the everybody wins out scenario, Clemson Notre Dame, Oklahoma Michigan. They all went out and Georgia beats Alabama..

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