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Gunman who killed a renowned cardiologists CBS news has the latest anti-violence protesters plan. To? Take over lakeshore drive today. Right as the evening. Rush begins this is Mike Crausser there. Will be no Friday, night lights this fall for. Five Chicago public school football programs new study finds hand sanitizers. Becoming less effective against some hospital superbug WBZ sports is Dave. Kerner cubs beat the pirates ninety two, White Sox lose to the royals. Tend to five bears ravens tonight pregame on WBZ b. m. beginning, at six o'clock more at forty five WBZ and business futures down fifteen NASDAQ futures down fifty two today. About eighty to, seventy at O'Hare now. CBS news update police in Houston Identified. A suspect in the murder of a, prominent heart surgeon and they've pinned. Down a possible motive police chief art ASA Vado says it appears, to be revenge the only time between the dock in him is the fact that we have confirmed that. His, mom died, on the operating table Over twenty years ago, a man hunt underway for. Sixty two year old Joseph Pappas suspected of shooting Dr Mark house connect as he wrote his bicycle home from work last month The suspect is, believed to be suicidal based on his own on his own The message that he sent someone in also based on our investigation some, of the other items and some of the other things that we've. Uncovered says they got a tip before they searched Pappas home in southwest Houston neighbors say, he's lived there since he was. Born of them. Says he saw Pappas Saturday washing, his car in the driveway CBS news update I'm Deborah Rodriguez WBZ news time six thirty to today's planned anti-violence. March on the north side is time to take place during the afternoon. Rush let's get a preview of the potential impact on drivers from WBZ beams Bill, Durant in the twenty. Four hour traffic center drivers and cubs fans go see plenty of impact today today's planned. Peace March on the drive will start and then head into the league neighborhood it's. Going to result in that extra traffic on the north side throughout the. Evening the March will start on the drive near Diversey at four this afternoon protesters will March north to Belmont before heading. West to Clark while they were then head north once again towards Wrigley field and that's ahead of cubs game against the Padres that starts just After seven o'clock forty fourth ward alderman Tom Tunas, is warning residents and cub fans alike they're driving into the neighborhood about extended parking. Restrictions on side streets along that route and these parking bands include. On Clark from Roscoe to grace also Addison with parking restrictions from hall said to Racine, on ener lakeshore drive from briar. To the Belmont. Ramp to the southbound driving you, also going to see a very elevated police presence around Wrigley field throughout the game Saint like it's a playoff. Game atmosphere live in the twenty four hour traffic center beau Duran NewsRadio. On one zero five point nine FM updates traffic and weather together on the as, well as reporters on. The scene waiting interest in high school football prompting changes in Chicago public league schools that. Were expected to field teams for the upcoming season at one other will not be. Playing this fall there Chicago tech Douglas Farragut gage park and uplift all. But Douglas the sun times reports were on the schedule that was sent out in June more than a dozen schools forfeited. Last season CPS requires at least twenty two players. Feel the team A. Survey last year found a.

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