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Stuff. Yeah. I guess. Yeah. I see his point. I don't know dunno. Sure seems like just flat out extortion to me. Yeah. That that's that's that's an intriguing one. That's. Tasty dessert chew through. So I ask on Friday. Do you think the pictures will come out Saturday Night Live thinks they're going to come out and thinks it's going to stop the news everywhere? Sean believes will come out. Oh, yeah. I think they'll come out at some point. We're going to see a naked, Jeff basil. You go ahead work that beat I won't even look at him. I'll never see him. But I think at some point they'll come out. Never seen Brett farve. You can name all kinds of I've never seen the Kardashian video. I don't I don't check out these celebrity thing. Well, I still say how did the brother get the picks because my brother, and I have a brother we get along. Great. If you had we have a a an agent that we share a lot of information with I have a beautiful wife. I have three children. I have friends nobody has my intimate tax. But if you if you were having an affair when you send the. Would you send the pictures to your brother that sounds absolutely look at a girl amendment sex with now she sent these to me? Now, naked very weird. Did he grab up her phone? Who knows? Turns out a lack of sleep could lead to a person damaging their DNA beyond repair. And it might even lead to cancer. That's university of Hong Kong study that tracked people who worked a night shift in compared their data to those who work regular shift, and what we're talking about is the amount of sleep you get daily. The study said getting less than seven hours asleep. Get increased for the last eight years it can increase the NA damaged by up to thirty percent. Is it hard for me to believe that your cells would be would would have left less fighting mechanisms against cancer. If you're tired, absolutely. Yep. CDC's Rebecca recommending the people get at least seven hours a night as poor sleep can lead to a lot of serious health conditions as we've just outlined including that greater risk of cancer at the Grammys country music artists that Casey must grave celebrating a big win at the award show. She took hold album of the year childish Gambino sits on this is America made. Grammy's history. I rap song winning song of the year last night. He didn't show up for the awards. But the oh so popular Cardi B was there to pick up her Grammy for best rap album. It was a bit overcome by at all as I just I just. Ooh, the nerves. I so bad. Maybe I need to start smoking weed. Says wacky stuff doesn't. She does. She also says that there was a rousing tribute to one Dolly Parton, featuring Miley Cyrus Cyrus little big town, Katy Perry and Casey must graves..

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