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I wanted a moratorium mind cowboys and Craig Bohl for a week and a half and came up hooked went out there and violated that all when you get some interesting research I'm seventeen seven and just couldn't make that big play they had like trips to midfield up ten and just couldn't like end the game and then shifted momentum swung a bat went in Wyoming unfortunate injury. You could see kind of you know shoot a little bit of life into the team. They played chip on their shoulder was able to get their highlighted by Core Sean Chambers fumble on the three yard line that could even get over time this one of those ones we rooting for the field just have chance in overtime for shy. I digress. I digress one last thing on this show High State Nebraska game if you look at some of the recent numbers here overs have been the order of the day is pain mentioned buckeyes nine into over the last eleven on a highway Nebraska twelve and to over the last fourteen games and they've been installed as an underdog and the last has nineteen big ten games on the BRASK has been getting you to the window with alarming regularity going over the total fourteen out of Nineteen Games final contest contest that will break down here on this fine week five college football podcasts sees the Washington huskies playing host to the trojans right now numbers at Fox bet that Washington eight ten point favorite total in this game fifty nine and a half and pain. I think there's only one place to start here and it looks by all accounts Matt Fink. We get the chance to make his first start. As quarterback of Graham Harrell's offense as non Slovak has not yet cleared concussion protocol. There's a lot of injuries. Were talking talking about this week. It seems and good Games though otherwise right. I think this is kind of weak where you learn a lot more about these teams and we talk about data points eight. You can learn a little bit weak. One learn more week to now we start to get into conference play. These teams will take on an identity delegate challenge and this is where we have a pretty good idea of who these teams are going to be going forward. Yes and you mentioned Giddens Lavis. He's trying to pass the concussion protocol hasn't done that. Yet hasn't practice yet this week. Obviously it's first thing Monday morning. The trojans are on the West Coast so today and tomorrow are big days to monitor that situation. I Know Clay Helton oaten has been trying to find backups this week so far so he is used a walk on safety and a backup wide receiver to provide lied some depth thera believe safety brandon purdue and receiver Tyler Vaughn's are the guys that have acted as backup quarterback to Matt Fink they even one other thing think to say and I am sure you countered it. Which I found interesting? They apparently even reached out to Jack. Sears is still in the transfer portal interesting. I didn't see that yeah they had mentioned that they he was one of the guys they were going to try and do. I haven't seen any developments there but I found it fascinating that he was even a consideration yeah that is on this would be met thinks I start ever over right hostile environment. There is a drop off from Slovaks to think but I think giving some credit completed seventy percent of his passes eighty eighty five percent of his passes on known passing downs. That's typically not where you want your quarterback throwing especially a backup coming like cold off the pine so Kudos to think I think last week the question here is how does Chris Peterson. How does defensive coordinator Pete quit Hausky? I believe his name is attack. US's offense right we we know Washington likes to employ this like Ben but don't break defense with their five defensive back alignments but I don't know if that's the strategy like you really want to employ right like Byu in Washington play similar style defense so having having seen Byu already. You'd hope Washington comes up with something a little bit different right both of those defense. They liked to play this like drop eight cover three cloud defense. I get who you are in in. You're probably going to be who you are. When you have a quarterback potentially meetings I start on the road in this kind of I wanna see more man? I I'd like to see more pressure. Send more blitz allowing a quarterback to get comfortable completing like short intermediate throws would be like appearance sanity here. It's what gets you beat. Ask Florida state opening week against Boise State. Ah You'll let a guy get comfortable completing all these five to seven yard routes and you know that's what Graham heralds going to attack here because we've seen it. He's a former quarterback. He knows what makes him comfortable. He's been and fantastic with this revolving door at at quarterback for USC. It's going to be a lot of short passes initially to build some confidence here. Washington can't allow that I think things going to need some help from the offensive line and ground game that doesn't seem to be where. US's been very good so far. You're a little disappointing averaging six three point six Kerry for the trojans obviously like some good defenses they face so far right you have Fresno Yep Stanford United say that one tongue-in-cheek I guess Byu in Utah so four defenses that are in that thirty five to seventy rain defensive efficiency. It's tougher Hoofer on average than what the countries faced by and large rights or the numbers look better when you adjust for opponent but again like US's offense right now is quarterback based at has been. It's GONNA come down to Graham Harold like getting comfortable yet making plays. We know the weapons right you at. USC has on the outside. They're going to have to continue winning those those one on one battles rattles like they did against Utah. USC Top twenty five and explosive passing Washington is inside the top fifteen explosive past defense so hopefully they can limit those a little little bit huskies are around six yards per completion of fifty eight percent completion rate to me. I know the schedule doesn't look overly daunting but you look at the types of teams. They've played. They've they've face. Impasse Happy Attacks Right in Hawaii and eastern Washington at the F. C. S. level. I know it's an FC team eastern Washington's known for passing their top ten in total offense at the F. C. S. level so this is a different animal. It'll be interesting to see how this shakes out a little bit but I'd like to see more pressure from the Washington Defensor COUPLA questions in we'll get to the other side of the ball that I want to pick your brain on Washington Secondary. We know it's been elite with a lot of NFL caliber talent flowing through. I'd have to imagine imagine that you've downgraded them a little bit this year and the follow up to that is we know the Graham. Harrell is an era disciple and there's a lot of principals in there. One thing that we've been able to set are watched by on college football. The last handful seasons is how well Washington has defended Washington state in the Apple Cup. Do we think we see some of that here and that's gotTa keep this Washington defense offense burning with confidence for the matchup against the Trojans you would hope so we we have downgraded the secondary a little bit right. It's just been like guy after guy getting drafted to the NFL NFL from the secondary but it is part of their system right in the five members of that secondary how they play their defense really helps them prevent the big play but but I just again when you look stylistically and I know they've done well as you alluded to verse the era but these Duncan dunk passes are GonNa really build some confidence for the question Shen becomes as Kenny limit the mistakes and that's you know. USC shouldn't have lost the Byu game. The turnovers are kind of decided and I think that's the hope here and that's just kind of the strategy and the style that Washington employs right make these young kids or eighteen nineteen twenty years old who have never been in this spot before not to mentally crumble right so when you you gotTa go twelve fourteen play drives eventually they think a penalty is going to stall out the drive or turnovers going to transpire and so I just want to see a little a bit more pressure. I don't expect lists like pressman coverage. Were sending blitzes sixty percent time. I don't expect that but I also don't expect that you want to allow think to get in some type of rhythm so that's GonNa be tested here but that's that's the general scheme in style of what Washington wants to defensively. They WanNa make you work. They WanNa make beach yourself and if think throws a couple interceptions perceptions how lopsided this game potentially could get other side of the ball. USC dealing with some injuries. We're not quite sure of Talanoa who fungus fourteen tackles in the game against Utah will be available and it's going to be an all hands on deck type effort when you see goes up against the man Todd mcshay has called the number one draft prospect not only the quarterback position but overall Jacobson you look at eastern so far and I guess he's been everything that you could expect from a quarterback learning a new system ten touchdowns just to interception adoption averaging about two hundred sixty five yards per game had his best game as far as completion percentage was concerned twenty four of two thousand eight in the dominant performance in Provo and Chris Peterson seems seems to be reluctant to share as but at the same time hey he's progressed. He's picking up the offense and this'll be a major test knowing that he failed the first time around in a game that comes with an asterisk back against cal at home is fourteen point favorites. Yeah that was an ugly game for him. Against the best defense he's faced. This one. Obviously is a step down downright. USC fifty second defensive efficiency potentially without one of their better guys USC will get after though and I think that's the big thing here right us he's got to be able to get after the quarterback Jacobson their their top twenty five and SACRI top forty in tackles for loss so they're creating these negative place great and a lot of havoc upfront and that's what's really going to be important here because Jacobsen. You've mentioned some of those numbers. The offensive line has been out of this world for Washington's only been pressured on twenty one dropbox this season. It's allowed them to really complete. Some of these big chunk plays down the field where Washington's sixteenth in explosive passing top twenty in Chung passing haven't gotten a ton from the ground game. I think that'll be key here as well right. Just nineteen chunk runs Sean mcgrew kind of taken this this role from the backfield by the horns provided some nice balance last week it was electric against Byu for explosive runs. Five is eighteen carries went for first downs believe he turned out six point one and attempt so eastern is getting some help and I should say a lot of help from that offensive line needs a little bit more more help from the ground game but again. I think grew kind of solidified himself. There is one of the top backs that's going to be the big question mark here but I think the huskies can do enough offensively here. They need to be good at the point of attack. That's one thing that really impressed me about. USC last week I know and you look at the overall number of rushing yards. It looks substantial but they weren't beat up completely against Utah Right you look they held Huntley to a thirty one percent rushing accessory Brumfield the forty percent Zac Moss twee. He's seventeen percent rushing success rate so they weren't really out physical there if you can make this offense one eventual four season to be a passer get a little pressure around him. We saw meaning crumbled against California. This obviously is a different task. You just have to wonder. UC's played big game after big game after big game game they went played. Byu At altitude than a short week game against Utah. There's going to be an inevitable flat spot downfall here you just wonder if it comes in this spot the line is pretty telling right and this could be just but discontinue tough spot for USA. Let me just put it that bluntly that was that was that was one way to try and articulate yourself there. Yeah yeah tough spot the number number is the number right. Now is give it away given secret sauce us. The number probably is perfect. If Slovenia is the quarterback affairs there we go that that is a very fair assessment in a game that I will go a long way I think in determining Kinda the PAC twelve pecking order when you look at USC getting off to a quick start in the south this game of course against Northern Division opponent and Washington appearing to need every single win they can pick up with how well Oregon has played after up to their season opening loss to Auburn.

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