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Going on and the country was very divided at the time and the white house was attacking the press all the time once his credit his what nixon got into office and we have a lot of echos of that and in the current situation so how how did that time the early 70s that turbulent time affect the implementation of the than what what does it mean for pbs an npr to be created in the midst of that they were created in sixty seven as you said area near introduction of me through the public broadcasting act which he signed in sixty seven fifty years ago and they treated aboard a corporation for public broadcasting to be the governance of the born lyndon johnson was a super politician and no politician wants to create something that he can't continue to in lines so own that bore he appointed two of his close i had left i had left in january sixty seven and was publishing a newspaper new york newsday but he put on the cpb board two of his closest colleagues as he said to them i keep an eye on it for me me needed more let it get out of hand in start and turn on him but no he was like any other politician in in in in that respect and there were some a a few cases were apparently the white house his white house was was disturbed by some of the early reporting particularly in the watch at the watch episode out here and detroit riots and kerner commission but he never tried to put a heavy thumb on the scales nixon was opposite of that they were two different men although both were deeply flawed men and then the johnson was it was a deeply flawed man but he never wanted to extinguish what he had started nixon were the extinguish what johnson had started and he and patrick buchanan the files of their this is all in the record did they sat out because public broadcasting in was hiring some talent from commercial television reporters like sandy begnaud her and others beginning to do some controversial documentaries and buchanan patrick buchanan who was his communications director and richard nixon resented of vat enormous and they they did some terrible thing behind the scenes to try to punish.

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