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Joe judy for john cord me today on this martin luther king junior holiday jack divorced in for john seized jack how are you today i'm doing pretty well i fell down the snow blowing and hurt my shoulder no yeah so be careful turns out there's ice under that snow he yes laughter there is veget must surprise you know i look at my driveway there's snow on it and underneath that nationwide arena yeah i'll tell you what when i so so we when we got the the the friday night saturday mornings snow and then we you and i were in here on saturday i was talking about how when i went out in the morning to to come in here to the station i'm part in the head parked in the magic parking space in my mil door lots and there was hardly when the only they were the only car that wasn't covered the only car that was covered and then today when i left to to come in here there was laughter karma had come back around literally i mean such as such actually i'll t what too there's a there's a i don't know what's the what's there's something on my street and living room i live on king avenue grameo and they so i don't know who it is exactly that takes care my streets i don't know if it's city of collide i i don't know but w once all the plowing and everything had had been done or what they were gonna do there was this collection to get to my building when you get to my building you can you can drive in like a horseshoe shape around this rectangle building the you go you enter on one side you come around the back any exit out the other well all the there had been this big collection of snow and sleet nice and all this stuff in front of the entrance to the parking lots and also at the exit just this just this too tall block that would tear up anybody's car who went through there we seem to be the only ones who who ended over with laws that were going up and down king yeah had had been pride pushed the snow off of king into the entrance and exit way some fine yet now i don't know if that.

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