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Drive you shut down due to flooding between Ann Arbor trail and outer drive. So we're not sure when that's been reopened please just avoid that area. Lorna Stevens for WJR, traffic and weather first. This report is sponsored by Comcast business fast as gig speed network that gift business dumb beyond fast is technology that makes business boom. Comcast business beyond fast. Take your business beyond. Visit Comcast business dot com. On again off again rainforests here right through mid week. Rain this afternoon. Breezy and cool. Highs only upper forties cloudy overnight near forty cloudy, Tuesday, rain, late mid fifties. More rain Tuesday night into early Wednesday. From the Weather Channel bureau. Ken Boone on news talk seven sixty WJR. For news talk seven sixty WJR. I'm Marie Osborne. There the topics. Everybody's talking about for your drive home. Join us for the guy Gordon show after rush at three. Here. We are right back at it. Rush Limbaugh talent on loan from God that. Very complimentary callers today, and I I never want to appear as as though I take that. For granted. I don't I appreciate all of it. And I thank you tremendously for it telephone number. If you want to be on the programs eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two so Adam Saint George Utah. I understand.

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