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The White House carry bridges was in the same grade as kief it's been guard. They've been in school together since junior high. She says when she and her classmates heard the news about kief, we're like how do that not? Why would he sell drugs carry says that was actually pretty common at their school? But the bigger question for Kerry and a lot of kids at the time was why would he sell drugs in front of the White House in downtown Washington DC fancy and for the most part white DC miles away from where any of them live that was the location. We were like you idiot come on do like. And why because that's not where normal transactions take place like, and I wasn't a drug dealer by any stretch of the imagination. But I'm like, I don't think I knew anyone who would. Do that in that location? The spin garden student body was almost entirely black. Most kids lived in neighborhoods where the poverty rate was double or triple the national average these were places unlike the blocks around the White House, where crack really did seem to leave. No one out of harm's way, and one way or another my mother at the time was on drugs, which is why carry lived with her grandmother. One of carries uncles struggled with drugs to one of my favorite uncle, he had from what I was told smoked so much crack he passed away behind the wheel of the car move or some day by just the you said the selling. You saw pretty consistently. Here's David mcgruder, again, Keith's friend who played on the spin garden basketball team. You would see someone wanting to do. Crazy intense labor for miniscule payment. And you knew what it was. They just wanna hit you know, and some very. Salacious things would take place that were mind boggling to us as kids very very r rated hardcore R rated stuff, but I mean, you saw sexual things you you heard of sexual propositions. At the time. A lot of people believed crack with causing decay and neighborhoods like the one David Keith lived in the Bush administration released a policy brief the same day. He gave his speech that said, quote, crack is responsible for the fact that vast patches of the American urban landscape are rapidly deteriorating. But historian, Don emerge says the drugs were getting the blame for economic problems that were already there. The nineteen eighties is a period when you have serious recessions that are suffered in the city's social welfare programs are being cut a new simultaneously had the loss of manufacturing jobs. It was just a really really devastating.

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