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Hello, sarah. What would you like to say quickly? Organization of Truckee organization owners and need to get together with all the trucking companies Turkey companies need to get organized. And like one thing I've heard about truckers have to wait in line for warehouses on. Okay. Come up with some kind of a skit with. He come up to the where else can you drop your your trailer? And you pick up go no longer waiting. Millennials. Jim, do you know any millennials twenty-something early thirties? All right. Would they put up with any of that? Ask them that would be interesting. Instruments single engine plane license and work with an instructor in. That's something else. To start their own schools. Not depend on independent schools. Don't give a cripple they want. Well, they trust me the ones that are operated in Hauser worse than some of the many of those that are out independent. But you're right now a lot of these big companies work in concert with the independence pay the kids tuition and get them up in the in the in the truck in six weeks time, and it's just not enough training. And again, you gotta look at it. How am I going to get the money to be a truck driver in? That's your model just run them through school and put him up. You ain't no chance you might as well. Shut your doors is a trucking company. I don't care how big yard you're gonna have to change and change radically. If you and this is one of the reasons, by the way, you hear so much push for Thomas Thomas Thomas because they don't wanna put up with this. They don't wanna change. It's benefited the trucking companies to a great degree to go this business model the last twenty five or thirty years they wanted to continue and they wanted to deal with truck drivers because they look at truck drivers as a necessary evil rather than a valued asset. We gotta go to another break sly. We got your next America's truck in that work. Seventy seven percent of rural counties of fishing primary.

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