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Serial killer william doth in hobart also known as wild. Bill live like a king in panama off the prophecy he made by killing multiple expatriate americans in panama motivated by money. He murdered innocent people. Before burying their bodies on the grounds of his stolen tropical paradise. The now confessed killer and self proclaimed hitman has become an inmate representative and is found. Jesus he leaves daily church services and has covered his body with tattoos depicting good and evil. Let's lift the lead on this shit show. This is twisted traveling. True crime welcome aboard. I do currently live on a sailboat. So you'll hear boat and water noises in the background today. I'm recording at rhonda. Island north of grenada and anchorages. A little roly. So you're going to hear them slapping of wires in our asked. Today's case takes us to panama in central america. If you listen to last week's episode you'll know extended our stay here in panama. We covered a serial killer who targeted be sure to go back and listen to that one. If you have a chance panama's the only country in the world where you can watch the sunrise over the atlantic and sat in the pacific share. Lynn hughes and her husband moved to boca del toro's panama here. The turn of the millennia together. They began small hotel business and make a decent living there after ten years. Living and working together their relationship had changed. Jerry husband had an affair and they were splitting up. This hurt her deeply but she's choosing to stay in panama for the time. Being cher was the oldest of five children who grew up in saint louis when she and her husband had married in the mid eighties. They had opened a business in gulf war. At some point they took a vacation to panama with friends and fell in love with the country and later decided to move their fast. Forward to twenty ten share. Sister judy was supposed to come visit her sharing her husband split up and shares living alone. At the time judy plan to visit panama for the first time that summer she goes up her sister and have a lovely vacation. Share was looking forward to the distraction and was happy to show her sister all the sites. They talked planned texted in. Emailed back and forth as judas. Excitement grew about the trip then. All of a sudden share quit communicating. Her soon to be ex husband would talk to her on nearly a daily basis but hadn't heard anything either. I a few days went by then a few weeks eventually. Three months had gone with no one. Hearing from share. Our family and friends filed a missing persons report and tried repeatedly to reach her through her cell phone and or facebook pages..

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