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He's just recording her as we're sitting here in this standoff and I know about his facebook post. Let's talk about that in just a second. Now she actually called nine one one to let my dog. He's an African American myself. And My dog this dog dying over here dog well. That's my phone there she is. That's basically the end of the video. That was posted now. He posted something on his facebook page. Where he said. I saw this woman a walking her dog. The dog was not on a leash law outlined the conversation they had back and forth. He said he was trying to give the dog a treat. I don't know what his plan was or what he was up to but he was going to encourage the dog to come over him with a treat and then all hell broke loose with all of this stuff. It didn't take long before to people who walked her dog previously outed her and Said who she was on social media and Berry quickly. They said the company that she works for said. We're investigating and we're GonNa see what we have to do next. And then within an hour or two. Maybe they said we've fired her. We don't accept the racism in any way and she no longer works for the company. Now interestingly enough he was doing some interviews and this guy seems like a good dude Christian Kugler bird watcher. He's simple man he afterwards is like. I'm not sure this young woman. Having her life completely torn apart serves any great goal because this woman's life is flipped turned upside down and she's unemployed now. They took the dog away. I guess they've taken the dog away temporarily. They're going to investigate what's going on. There's a human rights commission that's going to look into this and see if there's any more charges they can file it just announced. They haven't charged her to begin with but they. I guess they're going to investigate saying that. They sent a letter of inquiry to the woman or questioning cooperation. And this complaint and I don't know if that finds itself in the courtroom eventually they can't they can't charge her the Human Rights Commission. They could just fine her and actually you don't have to pay those fines getting death threats to and actually Christian Cooper came out and said stop immediately with them and I'm told there's death threats wholly inappropriate and should stop immediately and he said I take her apology as sincere. I just don't think that she's aware that what she did was racist. Look you're here's what I think when I look at this stuff I go. Isn't it totally possible? This woman has been locked inside. Probably for like three months on lockdown New New York City. Everything is in chaos right now. This is that incident that spins things over the edge. She did something stupid and said something stupid. Saying African American man and acting like there was some big threat in your world. When this guy wasn't doing anything wrong is ridiculous but we really do bulldoze over these people we really do and sometimes like people just have a terrible day and make a big mistake. All had terrible days. That's that's not an excuse for it. It's not no no no. I'm not offering this episode. Excuse I'm saying that at some point. Wow the pitchforks and torches can be set down. The woman has lost her job. She's gotten all this stuff and people are still just foaming at the mouth like a mob after her. I really don't have sympathy for it at for what she did. Because a lot of people have had bad days and maybe say things that they don't mean but when that is the thing that you're going to if there was not a video what could this have gone to. What are the risks? They're you know exactly. And that's it. It's a target. This necessary woman's not some racist backwoods Redneck Day. Do you honestly see yourself saying that? No but okay but but I can hear I can hear her voice. I can hear in the incident that she's breaking down she losing she's just like maybe that was that moment again. This is not defending the behavior. But it's like hey every once in a while okay. She got hers. Tap The breaks a little bit. They touch on what led up to the that video. He was telling her her dog should be on a league. You said in his facebook post. You're not gonna like what I do. That's this is from his facebook post talking about the incident and she's like what does that mean and then he said. I went to take out a dog treats which I bring for occasions just like this and I'm like I don't understand what's happening but that's what led to the moment where you heard that video start rolling and I really like the guy who was the target of all this is out there screaming like everybody back off your kill her tar and feather her and people should be able to learn from mistakes. I Dunno it just gets really nasty out there That's nothing compared to. We're running out of time here but actually know. This deserves a little bit more space. This story about what happened Minneapolis. We've got more from SPACEX. Look at us there in the capsule looking cool as hell sitting back in their seats waiting for launch in this space x dragon right now. It will continue to keep our eyes on this the launch coming up later on real radio with Jim Colbert. Show back in a flash. It's the news junkie on real radio. Sure there's some website but isn't that like getting Sushi from an Italian place real radio one one at Real Radio. Dutta down.

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