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Do he doesn't let emotion get into here. You can't sit here and say that it doesn't factor in any of let a guy, run a team based on emotion and he literally traded away a player. If they turned down a third if they were to turn down a third round pick for JJ Watt. Tell me sex. That's based strictly on lifetime achievement award not that he's not a good player, right? They would not trade him because you just can't handle the PR hit. Here's my question to anybody who says cannot trade him. He's JJ Wadis to important. Okay. So next year we all know if he's here next year this off season. What McNair Jack Easter beer going to do, they're going to go to him and say, okay, seventeen and a half million dollars. We can't afford that and we don't think you're quite worth that anymore. So. That can't both can't be true. You can't go to a guy and say you're so important we can't. We're not GONNA trade your we're going to you know we need you around then turn around and say you're not worth what you're getting paid. We need you to take a pay I guess is that every year that goes into the draft pick because last? Are you? visit cut in in retirement. That's your next go to him and offer him an extension to where you basically spread out that seventy and a half all. But but here's what you can't do remember we can't fit stuff like that. Yeah. Here according to cal we couldn't pay hopkins I know it's bigger but couldn't you done the same thing with him to pay put a band aid on it as he calls it. Just, it so that that's what I'm saying the the what's made the things that people in this city want championships every city does the things in New England that they've always had as championships things that we don't want is all the New England other guys other the Belgian cubby gear right the irony of it yet you want what you you. WanNa coach with that lack of emotion you want him to be tied in with players, but you also want to coach gentleman should know when it's time the question is, when is it time? Can you still get an asset for JJ? Yeah. I think so yes, and would it be on a good team that's on the cusp of winning super. Bowl. Let's say the Kansas City chiefs offered a third round pick because they want one more stood up from. Take it you have to with them I. Chief. Side trade a third ride. Jj One front with that team, I'd play Super Hard Ball and ask for the second because they're fixing be the end of the round you can try. But if someone offers you a third in my opinion, you take your run. If they offer you fourth, you have to seriously consider it if they won't budge nobody'll budget to a third. In my opinion, you take a four you don't take a fifth. Offered a second. The team that if you took the if you didn't, if you take it and laugh yes. If you're the Texans you. Take it and run fourth if you cannot budge anybody to a third in my opinion, you say, yes because you know what fixes fans and the disconnect and the team is winning you need assets on this team right now jj watt in my opinion is not going to be a big reason. You're winning super bowl in four years well. Even. When he was defence player of the year, he didn't win a super bowl, right so that's why impact guys are got the ball in his hand. You should be trying to sell off a ton of pieces for draft assets, one thing and I'm with Ya eggs or I would have to think twice. Is the PR hit bigger than the production of a fourth of fourth-rounder don't care about winning in my opinion To think twice. Is the PR hit bigger than the than the production of four of fourth-rounder you don't care about winning in my opinion. I mean. Draft S de let me ask you that you think. Maybe, they don't. The Guy upstairs that signs paychecks Right now is more important. The PR HIT WITH JJ water fourth round pick to him just depends on the price and if. You mentioned the that knows and I worked he will not take that pr hit for fourth round hit and I don't think I don't think it sitter I don't think they'd even. Take the fourth round pick they say call me back. If you want to give me a third, they would even take the phone call. If that's true, it's a guarantee. Organization has never winning this this organization. This year will never trade him for a fourth round pick. Hit. So bad would be crate third round pick you have to do and come back and just give you one thing like late at least they're not going to be picking up a pick and turning it down for a spot. Were there ever any good drafting because the third and a fourth round? They're usually terrible drafting but remember when you know you need. Those damned draft. This will be the most important with Watson here. This GM and quarterback higher will be the most important hires. This franchise ever had because of WHO's at quarterback and what matters if. They've never had this guy if you can land third fourth fifth S- for cooks or fuller. One of the two hour talking to different thing right what an all these guys can get something for these guys do do you called me up and offer me and fourth round pick for Kenny stills tomorrow the deals all of you it's nobody's. Not, GONNA stop..

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