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I'm gary nunn this is newsradio nine fifty w wjr news time five thirty two number democrats holding a town hall meeting in madison heights today to answer questions about the federal tax bill us representative sander levin dan kildee daddy dingell and brenda lawrence all on hand at the plumbers local eight the democrats oppose the republicansponsored bill calling it a tax scam giving money to the rich meantime detroit's carmakers appearing mostly pleased with a tax compromise here's wwe j auto reporter jeff gilbert as car sales slow a bit carmakers appreciate anything that would stimulate the economy ford ceo jim hacketts as a recent trip to china brought home the realities of global competition i go there with optimism is wire and i also see the competitive question you know i'm like think of it both ways so our country needs that engine to be globally competitive i'm really happy about the back at also please the congress appears to have kept credits for research and development and for the purchase of electric vehicles jeff gilbert w w j newsradio nine fifty eight secretary of state rex tillerson speaking out on north korea today he says its pursuit of nuclear weapons alone is responsible for tensions in the region there is but one party that has carried out illegal detonation of nuclear devices there is what one party the continues to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles in violation of un security council resolutions tillerson spoke at a meeting of the un security council justice department says violent crime has increased dramatically while the last two years through a reallocation of resources we will be in listing and deploring forty additional violent crime prosecutors across the united states to combat that attorney general jeff sessions announced he's putting more assistant us attorney's in areas where violent crime has jumped the most federal judge in philadelphia has ordered the trump administration not to enforce new rules that could significantly reduce women's access to free birth control judge wendy beatles stone issued the injunction today temporarily stopping the government from enforcing the policy change to president barack obama's health care law it requires most companies to cover birth control at no additional cost though a dozen could exemptions for religious organisations new policy would allow more categories of employers including publicly traded companies to.

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