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Knew it is a brand new room I've actually moved offices. I spent the week moving furniture and painting and. Cursing. Painting furniture but let's you. I just talked about the fact that you chose. I love an accent wall told color. It is a I'm going to say forest green dirk color usually shy away from dark colors. My go-to is just paint everything white. Yes it safe and you won't notice the good old egg shell. Yeah. But I wanted to I wanted to I was like I spend all. My time here and also you know we're doing all the zoom calls. Secondly, it feels very important that it looks good to have a to pile of garbage now, I feel like it has to look good when I'm onscreen yeah and it has to be a color that complements your skin tone. How did I? Do in that regard I think I think it brings out your eyes. Oh Good. I was thinking as I was driving around Brooklyn yesterday and I was looking at people's windows as you do you sort of have this ability to gaze into people's apartments a little bit with with they have nice windows and just see into their life and I just ring Lights Ring Lights rain-wise regularly. Now that in this new, the new room that I'm in is now in the front of the building. So now I'm looking across the street and I can see in the neighboring building everybody. Is doing their work when when Lady, who's on the phone pacing all Sitting at his desk with a ring light so sticky, they should give you a ring light that is also the same like therapy lamps for seasonal affective. Yeah, that's a that's a that's a million dollar idea. Therapeutic Therapeutic Ring Light. Listen to that you hear my neighbors motorcycle. I do figure neighbors motorcycle. That's the downside of this new office. Wow. Well, they drove away. No. I think he's just parking sometimes he just parks sometimes he uses his motorcycle to save a space for his car. That had. Not Okay I mean brilliant. Okay. What did I was driving away? By. Neighbor. Okay. Well, if Europe before you start embarking upon this. This new business endeavor and start your. Billion Dollar Company yes. Why don't we start this fifty dollar show Okay.

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