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Today's episode of Area Hawaii's. Ma Show contains explicit language that may not be suitable for all audiences listener discretion is advised and in your life on this Wednesday September twenty fifth two thousand and nine thousand nine hundred ninety one marijuana welcome back to a brand new episode of the MA reporters. I am in New York City on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon and guess what we have a lot to talk about going to the world of MMA. I'm very excited about Saturday's card in Denmark. I learned two very important things about Denmark. That ain't no like two days ago number. One apparently was voted the happiest place on earth and I'm not talking about Disney world or Disneyland. I'm talking about the happiest country on Earth. I don't know how they actually gauge these things but apparently that's Denmark's claim to fame. Also it's the home of Lego which I didn't know as well and so it's interesting you know when you're a kid you play with. Legos like you want to build things. My kids are very into like these days well. That's sort of represents what this main event is all about the Saturday rate two guys building on things you see what I did there. Jack Hermansson has won four in a row look very good as of late coming off that great win over Jacques Race Soza and how jared cannon near who started as a heavyweight in UFC then went down to light heavyweight and now is to knows a middleweight coming up that win over Anderson Silva which a lot of people didn't give him credit for but I do and so I liked that fight very much I also like the rest of the card sneaky good card on paper names names like Jack Shore making his debut coming from cage warriors mark j case against Landau Veneta macy's Jason Brandon Davis CR Badeah John Phillips Nicholas Daulby one of two Danish fighters on this card getting another crack. UC's battled through depression alcoholism the other the Danish fighter Marco Madison not to be confused with the former Laker Mark Mattson where that great moment in the parade when he was dancing all funny. He's a two thousand sixteen Olympic silver medallist the fight or not the basketball player so that's cool GonNa Nelson Gobert Burns Khalil roundtree over saint proof lots of like on this car that happens this this Saturday afternoon also big weekend for European anime. You've got bell torn Dublin on Friday. You've got bell tour in California on Saturday through Europe but you get the point. It's the second half of the first round of the biltmore featherweight Grand Prix so there's a lot going on Daniel cornea coming back a year Stevens running it back much to discuss on this episode later in the program. We're going to talk to Sean Shehan. Young journalists out of Ireland works for severe. MMA ensure dog dot com does a great each of covering the scene there. We'll talk about that card on Friday headlined by James Gallaher and other things going on. Perhaps a little connor talk as well mid portion of the show will talk to another young journalists name a son phase who lives in Denmark who has been covering the Danish. Mac for quite some time and this weekend. He's covering it for the weekend newspaper Aka Weekend Davidson. I think I'm pronouncing that correctly. That's Danish so so he knows the scene very well over there but I let us say hello to. ESPN zone Mark Mundy who's joining us right now from Los Angeles us to start off today's program mark how're you. I'm pretty well Ariel. How are you I'm doing okay. It's been a tough day. My dog ate my favorite Montreal. Expos hats him a little bit in mourning but I'm trying to fight through it and focus on a great time in mixed. Martial arts is a lot of exciting things going on by the WANNA. Let people know We're going to start a new thing on this program where you can ask me or any questions so if you want to go to the review section of the apple podcasts spotify type in a question or two will to answer them on the show starting next week so that's another exciting thing happening on the program as well apart. Yes mark on Monday. I spoke to former. UFC Z. heavyweight champion Daniel Cormet and we're all wondering what he stay or would he go. Would he keep fighting or would he retire. This is what he had to say when asked him about his fighting a future. I'M GONNA fight this guy again in mind identified him in the right way and hope. Let's get more hand rates but I'll go fight him again. You know I'm not fighting again. This will be the only time that I ever stepped foot in the off the so the next one is officially the last one the next one will be the last one and it's against as it has to be steep no-one else matches and is that offer on the table right now from the UFC. Do they want to make that fight. If they WANNA make that fight. They want me to fight stupid yeah. It was a fantastic fight for all the wrong. Reasons didn't have to be a fantastic fight but it was and I'm not saying I could just grab sleeping meal them down. Will you know but I can do a lot of things better than I did. on all the seventy see so that was from Monday's episode of the Hawaii show a couple of things. I want to ask you mark number one. Are you surprised he's coming back. No I'm not surprised going back. I I know all that previously on the show said I said that I didn't know if he would and I I wasn't sure and I thought maybe he wouldn't but after speaking with you about it on the show I think I realized that coordinates too much competitor to go out like that and he's given he's giving it one more shot and I guess the question now now is when is that going to be. It seems like that is the fight the UFC wants Cormie gave you know it's three in the trilogy and question is is one okay case then. Let me ask you this. Do you believe him when he says it's just one more no matter what win or lose he's only coming back. The fights the abandoned he's done I mean I do. I do believe him. I believe what he is saying at. This moment is true and true to him but I also I also have I've been covering the sport a long time and I and I've heard fighters talk about retirement before. It almost never sticks. Alexander Gustafsson coming back isn't isn't anthony rebel Johnson coming back I believe next year so I think that what Dan is saying is truth right now and September twenty nineteen will it be you know the beginning of next year maybe when this gets made I don't know I don't know when when that flight has done. I should say yeah you you know. I I feel like Dan. Me Isn't one to sort of lie about these things like I believe him when he says it I don't suspected he's going to be the kind of guy to come back when forty five or stick around too long. I I really believe in when he says it's one more down to do it. I've decided that I WANNA do it. I've talked to my family. I've talked to my coaches my management they wanted it to happen. December fourteenth after the Colby whose men fight stalled once again but as ESPN's breath Okamoto reported earlier today steep ahead retina surgery. He's not going to be ready for December fourteenth. I suspect that they'll do it in early twenty twenty the one thing. I just hope doesn't happen. Is this idea and I feel it coming this idea that. Oh you made us wait thirteen months and now we're GonNa make you wait because let's be honest. You see mates debate. They're the ones who dangled the brock. Doc Listener carrot and of course Daniel was gonna take that and then dino had back surgery and even throughout all of that they still dangled the brock carrot only once brock was off the table and around on March that he was like all right. Let's fight. CPA So this idea that he made C. Bay which I see a lot of people say is not true and I just hope the same thing doesn't happen here like they try to turn the tables tit for tat type of thing yeah. No I get what you're saying and I mean I I I do agree in the sense and there were some there were awesome issues that were out of control but I bet if they had his way. Dan would not have thought Derek Lewis at a massive square garden last November and that he would he would have stayed fresh and gun ready for a rematch rather than doing that. so I I do I do sympathize with is with with music and his team but I it's not good for anyone. So it's a wait. I mean no no one. No one is getting any younger here. Everyone's gotTa make money money. and I think that I do. I do agree with your assessment. I I mean it makes sense to do it toward the end towards the beginning of twenty twenty good point about Madison Square in very good point although I'll say there's no chance. DC's taking that fight on four weeks notice against Ebay the only reason why he took that fight on four weeks notice because he knew he derek Lewis in that he wasn't a threat. I could tell I know stupid like this is some kind of nonsense. This is ridiculous just fight me but it was doing the UFC assaulted by taking because they had no other main event. Yes yes you know what I'm saying yes but but I guess deep as perspective that but that's not that's really not the flight to do you know weight and then you know being in the year or something like that and by the way speaking of two forty five they're still. I'm hoping to put a third title fight on that card. They really WANNA put three. They've got Germane to randomly against men the newness for the women's Bantamweight title they've got Holly Volkan off ski which was just just announced for the men's title and they are closed finally to booking colby marksman by the time. This podcast comes out. It could even be a done deal. They're close but not quite there just yet so I suspect those will be the three and then early twenty twenty. They'll try to do a DC CPA. You also have the the return of Conor McGregor. You've got a lot of exciting things. The winner of Nate Verses Mas Vidal. Perhaps you like I feel like the next few months are going to be very good in and the UFC starting with the Melvin card like the the cards that we had earlier this year the pay per view cards which seems a little thin. I think we're going to have some really good main events of everything you no stays true to form here. It seems that way. It seems that way I actually I can't believe that. USC to forty three is is right around the corner and really on the heels of that. You'll see to forty four only what four weeks away five weeks away no Moslem versus the as I booked my flights in New York yesterday Yeah Yeah I mean it's it's GonNa..

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