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But yeah, I would go down to be scheduled five. I would take quite. If you look, I don't know, schedule five, not necessarily a legal. So let me see schedule file. Just read the description. So we know that labels the lease addictive substitute substances. Most scheduled five substances involve preparing the drug with a small quantity of some narcotic. A common example is cough syrup substances have very low potential for use. However, the substance misuse to a large screen, physical or psychological dependency could belt. I don't even know if marijuana counts as a five because being there's no like evidence that it being misused to a large degree like would create any physical or psychological dependency. Yeah, that's that's how ridiculous it is like it doesn't even meet the criteria for a schedule five. But cough syrup does. Right. So I would I would put Quayle's down to two or three. I'll say to, I don't know enough about it. LSD is a schedule one. I keep that on there. Because because you can buck yourself up with a bad LSD trip. Ecstasy. What is it now? What is extra to see now? What do you mean? Oh, it's a schedule one schedule when I leave this alley, right? I might go one or two on that. And then also the last on the schedule. One list bath salts and I leave battled on there because someone where you get bucked up and you start eating someone's face. Yeah, there's no, there's no benefit to doing basalt get the fuck outta here. Where's Molly? You know it 'cause it's not going to be called Molly, so it's going to be under something else that we'd have to MDA. Well, we would sell to me to know what the broader category of it is scheduled to has methadone. I might move. Method owns what we, what we hear about all the time with like people getting addicted and everything like that as big. I mean, I think I move. I think I moved that up to schedule one. Oxycontin. I believe that morphine codeine Fenton all as the kill Michael Jackson dimmer role? Yeah. Some of that's fine schedule. Three has Vicadin. I've had bike it in and I didn't think it. It wasn't anything special. Yeah. I mean, obviously you can abuse it. But I mean, I don't know. Win misused these drugs. This is scheduled three when misuse these drugs can still lead Abusir diction, but they are still listing. All right. See ya scheduled threes, fine. Tylenol with codeine. Anabolic steroids have had tunnel coating dania really liked those. See I had biting vitamin, but I took it in the prescribed dosage or I would just take like one at a time. And I didn't. I didn't feel like I took it as a pain reliever, and I've been feel like I really noticed anything. Schedule for has annex Soma somos. I've always I've never taken zanex data five. I never taken any kind of sleeping medication, and I really want to zanex is really Danny it relax. That's what I'm taking on my flight to LA. What is the big there's people were talking about? I saw it being discussed today. There's some line in Drake song where he talks about taking is at zanex. I think it's one of the newer songs because people were it was at somebody mocked on Twitter was like, oh, Drake, city took one. And I want to say it was annex Drake said he took one zanex and fell sleeper, thirteen hours. And I was like, this is your all boy and everything like that. And then somebody else like Ambien Morton's somebody else like re tweeted. It was like it was like it was like, we're out here, making fun of people for not being drug abusers or something like that. I was like, that's that's where we're at now. Yeah. Yeah, I wanna say Drake, Xanax lyrics. Yeah, I don't know, but it was something like that. But yeah, I, I need to. I want to try like I need to try something to knock me out for a night and I want to check it..

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