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The great the great never to be located bruno san martino by the way he quit but then came back and he was a little better with wrestling in the end i retire nineteen eightyone comeback in nineteen september nineteen eightyfour zerkalo commentator when i come back i see the world of wrestling that i knew was gone and i saw new world of wrestling comment and that frankly it stunned me i realized there's change take place all the time but the changes that i saw in wrestling guy did not like i saw a almost open the use of steroid use and unfortunately the wave another other drugs this pank me because i don't want to see the game that i spend all these years in the love dearly to see it come down to this come down to that their audience piper too ernie ladd haystacks calhoun all the guys in the seventies and the eighties all right bruno san martino passing away at the age of eighty two no doubt the top story today no doubt mcmahon the top story today all right when we come back let's see what the president's update with regard to this north korean summit he's down in florida meeting with the japanese prime minister maralago trump says it is it is indeed now the southern white house some local news to can we not get that moslem dealt with and cranston is this the impossible thing the.

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