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One of the most compelling sections in the book that I found was how you used the stations of the cross as essentially a roadmap for the moral life. I'm for us that whole moment when Jesus meets his mother. For. So many of us, my particular life, it really is council, but it also is taken to keep us going forward. In the fourth station. Jesus. Meets his mother it. We see her grief at such a deep state, and of course, we can even imagine what she was thinking all that she knew about the conception of her own child and the origins of this child is divine. Is, truly, keeping these things in her heart, but her grief was visible. Paradoxically the fourth station for US I believe when we're meditating on our own moral conversion. Is that people are grieving for us. But they are not grieving. For us in terms of are dying physical dying. In a strange way, many people will grieve for us in terms of the fact that we left them behind. When we are motivated to leave our sins behind, we don't just leave our sins. We leave community of people that we send with we leave them behind as well, and so this is why it's such a difficult stage in our moral conversion because when we come to a point where we say to our friends will I'm no longer going to gossip just to take a rather common understanding a common experience of sin. These people will then ask us are you a religious fanatic not fun to be with anymore why have you changed just fill in any sin that you want and these questions from our friends are questions of morning of grieving where're you going? Why are you leaving us? Why can't you play anymore? Why can't you be the person that we used to have fun with and? When they define fun, they're basically saying why can't we send with you anymore and so they are grieving death? Yes. They're grieving the death of our love of ice while they are still loving device and this is a very difficult transition for us because we think well, who will be my friends down the road what community will I have after i? Leave this community of ICE Is this even to that extent in the Gospel where Jesus says I have come here to set father against son mother against daughter that whole idea that you may even have to lose your family because even now? So many of us have the vices whether it be gossip or gluttony or just painful inflictions that we do upon ourselves it can even go back to our family to turn away from that behavior and turn towards the moral life that crisis calling us to. We do have to make the stand for Truth and yes, it may mean that we leave some people behind. The marvelous activity of grace though is this. That in our witness of leaving vice behind, it actually might be the catalyst for our friends or our family to follow along in this conversion. In other words, they might be thinking well, if the one we used to enter vice with has changed, why is it that I do not change to? It might be the occasion of hope. So in fact, if we hang in there and continue on our moral conversions toward truth, we may find that the very people we thought we were losing will join us in fellowship and communion later on down the road, which of course, will be part of the great joy of of entering the moral life that we in fact have not lost our family our friends but are very witness to truth drew them along after us and we all had communion. In the end but in this communion, it was going to last because it wasn't a commune based on our love of Vice. A communion based on our love of truth. As, we grow in the spiritual life on the moral life. Maybe it's because we're Americans as you spoke of earlier that we privatize our religion or our faith life so that allowing others to help guide US or allowing us to help as though the help of Simon of Siren. That we turn away from that because somehow we have to do this on her own exactly. This whole absence of the Christian community in our moral life is is a great scandal and a shame. Even, as we are leaving people behind perhaps who are not yet ready to join the journey towards truth and virtue. There are many many already on the journey. Those, at your local parish, those who want to assist you like Simon did assist Christ with his cross. And with this type of assistance when we're vulnerable to it, we begin to think well, maybe with this kind of help. I can make it out of ice. And maybe it's memories will not be as compelling as I move into a life of virtue, but we need to cling to our friends in Christ during this dangerous journey because so much at stake because we know it's so much. It's very easy to go back to a life of vice where we found initial comfort. How can that next station of the wiping of Christ's face? How can that help us? We'll here we have the great empathy of the Christian community where we actually meet people who are so present to us that they actually a minister to us as symbolized by the wiping of the face that they care enough for us to lessen are suffering. When we experience this, we are experiencing the hope. Of of what a life in Christ can be like a life in Christ can be filled with people were called to lessen are suffering to have empathy with us. And our responses. Thank you. Thank you for loving me enough to not take the cross from me. But. To assist in carrying this cross whether it's to Simon or it's to the woman who wiped Christ face. Christ and ourselves are saying, thank you for loving me enough not to take the across from me. In other words, we understand that we must walk this way away from the painful allegiance we had to vice. So that the new life can open up and we are so grateful for Christian companions who allow us to enter the suffering because they love us. Enough. To, see us through the suffering because they know the suffering is aimed toward this new life of moral living. On the ace station Jesus is confronted by the women who weep for him. How does that affect us? In the station with Jesus, reaching out to the women of Jerusalem, even as he's on his road to death. This will occur to us in moral conversion path as well for life doesn't stop during our time of suffering in difficulty. We may in fact, find that as we are moving from vice toward virtue and the life of holiness that many people will begin to intuit are change and they will begin to come to us with.

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