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Welcome to Romans road. The podcast of me Eddie. Roman this is where we talk about. Vandalism and apologetic then all kinds of Christian stuff today. I'm coming at you from within the Great Corona virus plague. I'm hidden away safely. I have a interview today with Justin. Peters Justin Peters is a man who has done a lot of teaching and investigating on the subject of the health and wealth movement. Some call it the name it and claim it basically the teaching out there that says if you have enough faith in God he will give you what you want. Be that wealth or health or basically solving all your problems and so people in this movement would be guys like Kenneth Copeland and Bethel church up in Redding California. They're kind of like the new version of of this movement and as I go on my facebook recently. I'm seeing a lot more of this kind of teaching out there. So for instance an article. Not Too long ago. It said Charismatic preacher Kenneth Copeland tries to heel corona virus through the TV screen. And you might have seen this video really creepy looking guy. He is a tried and true. False teacher been around for a long time scandal. A Lotta people. He still manages to rip people off all the time and so his latest thing as he is looking at the TV screen and he's got his hand up and he's basically saying if you touch my hand through the TV screen. You will be healed of the corona virus so Not sure they're going to him from hospitals yet to ask him to help them out. But so yeah. So Kenneth Copeland is a You know well known false teacher. Unfortunately he is also believed to be a real teacher of some sort by lots and lots of people and then another article on the Sacramento Bee. So this is S. A. C. B. E. DOT COM SEC be dot com a recent article of. There's a headline California mega church cancel services and trips to local hospitals to faith. Heal the sick and this is talking about Bethel Church and reading and think about that headline so. The church is canceling their trips to the hospital to heal sick people because of the crow virus. Some kind of wrong there you know if if if these people really have the power to heal the sick all the time then. What's a little Virus GonNa do. Stop them so anyway. Articles like this just kind of prove the ridiculousness of people who claim that they have power from God to heal people whenever they want and this kind of thing so anyway this is the faith movement the health and wealth of Prosperity Gospel and so. I thought this would be an appropriate time to unleash this interview with Justin. Peters I actually recorded this a couple of months ago but Now is better time than any to release this if you are not a Christian and you see articles like this where you have all these people like Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland Joel osteen all these different people who claim that if you believe in their version of God their version of Bible teaching if you believe that if you have enough faith and you're going to get what you want whether it be money or health or whatever and you look at the looking at the stuff and you're saying this is kind of hard to believe. Well it is hard to believe. It's not true it's unbelievable. The Bible actually talks a lot about false teachers. Jesus Christ himself talked a lot about wolves in sheep's clothing in their desire isn't for your good. It's for your money. It's for your destruction all kinds of things like that. So so yes. These teachers do exist. Yes they do. Call themselves Christian teachers they actually use the name of Jesus bought. Unfortunately they are wolves chiefs clothing. And we're going to let Justin tell us more about that. Just two quick technical note this was recorded in the middle of a convention hall during a conference for the most part. The people in the background aren't too noticeable but at times they got pretty annoying. But anyway you'll be able to get through that. The first thing I mentioned is an experienced I had with a faith movement person. I wanted to get Justin S- thoughts on that so I asked my question and he took it away from there so here we go more often..

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