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We wanna stop air frying but we want to use brazing poaching and steaming instead is all those of the ways your brain because it's very because all the air fried food is high and dry heat so you're making a lot of advance like agent and products. That's why eating a lot of bacon this unhealthy nor is it healthy. A lot of cheese is those are very high in the bacon. What if the bacon is from a healthy animal without toxins but it's cooked at a low temperature much better. Yeah that that's the thing. I've been such a fan of vacant guys. I wouldn't eat most restaurant bacon because it's burned right in. You'll damage those things. And what if the air fryers turned down to a lower temperature. Because it's dry okay or well you want to add a little water little moisture. that's why like seeming the best raising the best supporting the best and even end papa. Load is very helpful. Guys in the upgrade collective. Does this sound familiar if you read the bulletproof diet what would happen if you use suv. Read and what if you su vida as a way of controlling the health parameters not just the flavor parameters and so here. You have someone who has been studying this a lot longer than i have. There is really good evidence that you shouldn't burn your food. What's worse burns carbs or burned me. Animal foods are higher innately in the ages than the command. The plant based foods..

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