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I'm John Baxter. This is the John Baxter Show the Wonderful Richard's axes here with celebration of Mark Twain, an enormous amount of work that Richard's done to take the notes and the memoirs and the letters. Much of it is not printed or You have to piece together because it's not in the final books because Olivia's standing there reading at night making sure that mark that her Sam Sam Clemens doesn't upset the family honor anymore than he already has, by wasting all their money and his money and everybody's money, and the whole world knows he's poor. All right, we're going to get him to Europe. They they stop in South Africa. He gets in trouble with Cecil Rhodes Big deal You'll have to reach in the book because it's funny. We're on the London and they're arriving in the heat of August in London, and they're going to take a house and they still haven't piled their way out of debts. And now comes the tragedy. Susie Clemens is stayed back in New York, and she's a 23 year old woman. Very highly strung. What happens to her? Why does she? Why does she declined so quickly? Richard Decline is in dire to decline as in die. What happens to her that all? Well, first, I just need one little detail that they get on their spots. The daughters have been cabled to come over. And then they get the climate. Liv E. In Sam. Mark Twain. Get a cable back that there's been a delay and Livy instantly senses the worst thinks that Susie must be sick. And they board a ship and they're crossing the Atlantic. When Mark Twain gets word that his daughter Susie has died, And how did she die so quickly? What do we know the spinal meningitis and it It's not clear exactly how she caught it. But she declined very quickly. And what's the worst for Mark Twain is he's alone. He never handled being alone. Well at all. He's alone in a rented house in a in a suburb on in England and his wife is in the middle of the ocean. And then there is no technology in that era for him to reach her. So he knows that she's going to in three or four days. See her brother like crying on the docks, either. They're they're friend who's a minister weeping on the dock toe Having to tell her that Susie has died, and he just he's just overwrought is the actual scene is even more horrible because they don't get to the ship while it's in quarantine, and Clara When she visits. The captain sees a headline that her sister's dead. And so she has to tell her mother, right, And that's the moment you believe that Livi started her decline. I D'oh D'oh, and there's there's It's not really clear that Livia ever completely got her her joy and life back. I mean, they're moments that you can see later, but this is the decline and and she would be dead eight years later. I mean, seven years later, Olivia's a young and beautiful woman. There's a photograph in the book of her in her forties. She wass, eh? Bells bell in her twenties when Mark telling married or in 18 70 he adored her, and she adored him and apart. They were not. They were not stable together. They could travel around the world. But this blow of losing their oldest daughter, Susie. They'd lost their son, Langdon when he was 19 months old. That was an experience of the 19th century that family's dealt with, but losing Susie without ever seeing her again overwhelmed him and Clara Clara. Let's speak well of her. She lives into the 19 sixties, Richard and she's the one who is thie. She's the she's a perfect combination of her mother and father. She has She has an ironic I, but at the same time, she protects the family's honor, right, And she also basically had a lot of trouble being in the same room with her father. After awhile, she realized for self preservation. It was perhaps better Teo to live in Europe when he lived in New York. All right, let's pay the debts because that was the reason for the journey. Now Richard has included an enormous amount of detailed accounting for us to watch the debts back page. Me longer than anything else in the book, but I I thought I was taking notes. All the time is they're paying the debts off by the time they get to England. Libby Living is keeping counts because she knows that Mark could misleader of she lets him just be generally by the time they haven't paid it off in in England, But by the time they get to Switzerland for the summer, she believes that there that they have now achieved on ability to pay their creditors off. But not you. Not without Roger's Richard. He's the hero of this book, The hero and it's so great that you that you see that because he really is he. He is the calm mastermind of Tween strategy to pay off his debts, because actually, the lecture tour paid off. You know, it's arguable what number it is, but maybe it's half maybe whatever number it is. But what saved Twain with his complete works edition. And Twain had two rival publishers who weren't even speaking to each other, who are furious with lists and Harper's Bliss and Harper's, and they never would have agreed on a deal, and Roger said that if he had on Ly Worked in publishing he he never would have been in business. You would have killed himself. He just couldn't believe how difficult it was to make thes men. This is a man who put together a Malcolm made a copper. You understand? This is a master dealer. But publishing director Richard and I both have survived. Publishing were aware of the fact that Rogers finally figured it out. Okay, Fine. Now, Livy will lead of leave us. Jeanne will die on Christmas 1909 But I want to pay attention to paying off all these debts because you've done such a wonderful job. At the moment the debts were paid off. He's off on other schemes, Richard. It's just like you have to chain him to the wall before he gives money away. Reader scream when they turn that chapter page and see at the top and then and then, he said, I've reeled in a big fish today, literally, almost to the day that he knew he paid the debts off. He started looking for a new.

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