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Search out and I'm like no can't remember that guy. They used to have all male reviews there to you. Ladies were there was a stage stage is that is that what you did before you retired. Guy. I'll never tell it was. It was the eighties so it was was a nightclub. You saw a mirror ball in there. Don't you know maybe the maybe it looks like it should should have had with a very long flowing type of brew? You actually have to bars in speed diner. Yeah from the outside. I can't tell you how many times customers come in and say this used to be a diner and I say now is a nightclub and they go. I think this was a diner I go. It's not pretty sure I don't know okay. Diner knows nightclub. Know for a fact. I didn't go there that often. But you know reviews you know. My wife likes him romantic. So far from my wife not even close so Adam. Yes Sir. Let's tell tell us a little bit about your history okay. I was in a mill review and then I met guy and then started homebrew shop. Now I I I went to Stockton and for whatever reason Irish beer fascinating. Because I was a little bit of a science nerd I went to school to be an ot which is more an anatomy biology based but still you know knack for science got into beer and then I got closer and closer to graduating in the more I got closer to graduating look into Grad schools. The more I lost interest in that and found interest in brewing eventually met guy started going into his shop checking out his. You know everything. He had to offer an Bruin. More often my my parents would always say. What are you going to graduate? I'd say I don't know maybe go to. Pt School or become a brewer and they would go crazy and then. Yeah I heard about garden state opening cy. I started shooting emails every like every other week and they kind of blew me off a little bit but I didn't give up and then finally got a response and they.

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