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Britain to stick squarely in the world of arts now and bring you a sample from episode nine of action it's a little brother of the cinemas show hosted by ben ryan and tom now you might wonder how the art world speaks to the cinema world but if you saw the on film sky fall has seen a dramatic seeing that took place it was shot in front of the fighting timor morad one of jw turn as most celebrated works and up in rhode island the cinema show maestro wondered over to the national gallery of course where that picture hangs to talk to his deputy director susan foister i think the immediate thing you see is an enormous expense of sky and this slowing sunset the sun is disappearing on the right hand side of the painting and you get a social vortex affect your eyes drawn into the distance by the reflection not just the song in the sky this fact of orange and yellow gloving sky but also across the water and then on the left hand side of the picture all two ships and there's a white house which is the timor air and then in front of it is a black tugboat with a long funnel and far is coming from the funnel which matches the fiery colors of the sunset on the right and the fact that we're actually watching a sunset in the background here that sort of a it hints at what else is being depicted in the picture doesn't it well what we know about the temer rare is tim this painting was made in 1830 eight turner was inspired by a real event the camera was a ship which had fought in the napoleonic wars the battle of trafalgar and is now reach the end of its useful life and was being broken up this is at the end of its life.

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