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Com all right question is this do these roadside memorials bother you this is usually where you only see them is you know along side up on the public easement the grass whatever at an intersection alongside a highway and you'll see flowers across whatever it might be maybe you know long ago deflated balloons of third if it's been there awhile but it's usually almost always where somebody died almost always in a traffic accident you'll see them for shooting sometimes I mean whatever might be but it is a big thing in Camden about the server morals on the street from the shooting victims and people signing about not cleaning them up yes that's the constant tension if you don't own the property have any right to put stuff there and I know that technically I know that this would be wondering technically it would be you do you does you just said you don't it's not your property I get that but do these ever bother you and for me they don't and especially if it's traffic accidents if anything I don't see them regularly enough I'm not seeing them every you know four hundred yards or anything like that that it's getting to be a distraction if anything I feel like alongside a highway especially it's always a good reminder it's like all the safety things we hear about and put your foot you know cell phone down all of those it always feels like in theory until you see one of those road side memorials and then it feels much more real if anything to me it's like a little bit of a public service thing but maybe I just look at in a weird way I don't know but I know a lot of people get very agitated by these and we want to get your opinion on this at one eight hundred two eight three one a one point five now the reason I'm bringing this up this is a little out of the ordinary for these memorials because nobody knows what happened at this girl yet her name is dull say Allah vets this is the case if you remember in Bridgeton where she went vanishing she was she's five years old and she went missing from bridged in city park she got out of the car where her mother remained in the car and she played with her three year old brother there were other people around I'm sure you remember this case we talked about it extensively at the time couple of times since this is the one where at first witnesses were saying somebody thinks they saw her walking or being walked by a man towards a red van then there was somebody by that description who was wanted but only as a witness not as a suspect it was very very odd I'm a lot of it didn't really seem to match up in a lot of people's minds in the public none the less nobody does whatever happened a girl well there is I'm assuming the same park that there is this backstop fencing at a baseball field and that was the spot where they did one of these makeshift memorials they have a poster could be a useful poster because I've got information about where to contact and there's like a lot of our old ribbons a lot of old balloons flowers things like that and now it's time for baseball it's going to be time for baseball season soon and the families being told you got to get rid of that yeah you got to take it all down it's time for the park to be used for its intended purpose so you can't leave your stuff up there what people are playing ball against that Braxton right now that I can understand but what they're saying is that they're in talks with the city and talks with mayor Albert Kelly there that they are going to take it down but they are going to look for a different place to just put it back up again and again none of this bothers me if it were so rampant that every you every direction you looked you saw memorials to the dead or in this case of the missing maybe that it would get a little overwhelming a little distracting but if you don't see it all the time is it that big of a deal when you do see these things now we cannot talk about this one in particular because it's not something that is of the utility they need the backstop I get that but when you see these alongside a road say or wherever else does it bother you do you feel like it's an eyesore do you feel like it's maybe just inappropriate whatever your reason especially if it's been there awhile right a lot of people I say that I can mention the balloons that are that are not as quite as full as they used to be right the the cross the paper whatever's been beaten down by the rain he looks at see am I weird though even that for some reason doesn't bother me one of those that are funded either but it also does a bomb if they're told taken down and some people say well they should be able to keep them up it's not bothering anybody whatever but again if you don't own the property you don't get to say I know like by the technical letter of the law I get it if if the powers that be decide that yeah I agree who are you to just fight it because it's not yours but yeah I still do feel a little bit bad for them it even when the red sign of given up it's like okay that we put this here is a memorial to memorial something to remember someone we don't remember them anymore because memorials golf right it's going to be crushing right especially like this album out of this case you know this is all going it is it's like okay as everybody given up but as you mentioned there in negotiations put it somewhere else so will indicate people haven't forgotten it right right so have you seen a lot of these have you ever actually put one up would be a pretty fair question but do they really bother you see I feel like they are mostly harmless but are you against them do you feel like there ought to be stronger laws against this for whatever laws that are do you feel like they ought to be enforced and just never allowed how do you feel about these little road side memorials that pop up our phone number is one eight hundred two eight three one oh one point five and I get that if you don't like them maybe feel adds kind of cold hearted to say that right but believe it or not there are so many people that feel exactly like you do if you were in that group I might even guess most people I don't know I never saw stats on it because I've we've talked about it before in the distant past there are plenty of people who think they're tacky right think they don't belong on public land ever and that there should be a time limit they should not be allowed at all right right that people are basically trying to make public land just like their personal grieving spotter their personal cemetery in and people upset that's you know if if if you've lost a loved one that's not the place the place is the cemetery or the places the urn on your shelf whatever it might be so you tell us how do you feel about roadside memorials are they harmless or are they a terrible one eight hundred two eight three one one point five time for the news at two thirty now the latest New Jersey news from NJ one one five dot com Fadel fight all the parts and building ended with a man being fatally shot Sunday the fight in the hallway at the Delaware view terrace apartments police found thirty nine year old city resident Maurice London shot in the chest he was taken to a hospital but pronounced dead a short time later authorities haven't said what sparked the fight meanwhile in Elizabeth a heated argument between two men in a parked vehicle ended one one fatally stabbed the other forty eight year old hobby err Ramirez Yemen as charged with reckless manslaughter in the death of sixty seven year old Carlos are Reza police found a reserve with a stab wound when they responded to calls about an argument late Friday night a novel approach created by Rutgers Camden psychology professor teaches students how to teach their peers about sexual assault prevention and awareness Courtney Cavanaugh is in the third year of implementing her peer to peer delivery system created other students on campus and help sessions on campus with Sam and then this semester or were and adding it in other psychology courses as well have an old believes this.

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