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I he is certainly not Gerry McNamara just doing a little bit of research here yeah yeah because writing a I ordered it online from a health place right as you I'm I'm type two diabetic but right all my levels are normal so saw one of my tie to under control I think they call okay so in on my blood sugar comes out as normal yeah but I'm always looking for low carb food and you know it's serialism completely yeah I really just can't just too many grey but they have this they have this sweet and low carb serial that I've tried once in a while it's pretty good it tastes like cocoa puffs or tricks all right now I only have one if if I get a if I get a bag of twenty four last me a year yeah because it's only okay I could go for a little bit a serial today sure we'd cereal but it doesn't give the good got like one gram of carbon so then last week I saw that they have hot cereal one thing you just don't eat is oatmeal anymore you can't know too many friends accounts began so my goal a hot cereal like oatmeal on that's pretty good right so it came in and I tried it on Friday and I tried it on Saturday and after I tried it on Saturday I went and okay there's like well it's okay I'll still do it because it fills me up even though it's just the consistency is just the area it's not old mail right then and I go what are the ingredients in it hemp seeds okay well I test positive and since that point I went good test positive for THC well you might and that's the might be high right now well they said it's not going to get you high it's not but but you yeah of course as it gets hi guys I'm seeds but it you know unfortunately it does not the impending on how much depending on how much you eat like if I eat are a hundred and fifty back a hundred fifty servings add ones it might register is that yeah you can register but at extremely low level amounts like well I don't need that I've never been drug tested to work the lever so it's not never happened but but I can imagine be like all of a sudden the like okay guys today were for the first time ever we're gonna drug test you yeah right well sure is Lee it it's it's it's low carbs substitute oatmeal yeah right in yeah I know you've been in radio in a radio your whole life now it's like the poppy seed thing don't worry about it our wholesale department it's nothing but poppy seeds no big deal not just because I I did read that were you it can if you now depending on how much you hate having now much you ate yes you have to eat at a ton of it because that's a really like poppy seeds there's a Seinfeld episode yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah well the thing is when you eat it it's like you you feel like in this meal hot cereal it it you start it's like I'm I'm short on some kind of sees with those of the hemp seeds yeah yeah and my point was why did you added it doesn't right yeah it's in it's almost it's not really oatmeal like consistency it's more what seeds like old consistency meal oyster consisted yeah no thanks I love the I need the oyster oatmeal and and all and it comes in brown sugar and brown sugar maple and strawberry cream and so when you smell the powdered smells great nine it doesn't taste like this a battle via yeah you know the the the substitution Sir are hard to do you know it's one thing if you if you have a condition what I'm always intrigued by is vegans going out of the way to make things look or taste like meat I will just go enjoy the the vegetables that's the whole point right you're not you're you're want to get away from the well because a torrent of meat rocket so I'm going to introduce this and I've been thinking about it for a while I'm probably gonna make some people very angry but I'm going to say okay I'm starting a company because I I was at the of one of the big box stores and they had a full bear rug all right not a real bear to forbear that's made to look the the the no when you lay it out on the floor it's made to look like the pelts of a bear okay now let me put a fake bear head on it like some people might do with you know a bear rug thank you believe that they just attach a fake bear head that's the kind of use one of those stuffed animals or something a teddy bear had I don't know but I walked by and I thought for a while waiting that's a full bare rock now what's the idea of that well who don't believe in hunting bear right but they want the the the cool look the symbolism they would like well I killed a bear without killing them what exactly that killed a phobia your bears had to die for that rug killed a virtual bear I counted at least agree sewn together forebears that had to die I thought well why would you stop there why not a full poppy rug all we'll see no no no no no what's the idea the idea is one we don't want to kill them with the co poppies so you're making a full bear rug but you're not making a full poppy rock why I guess it's time people because no no the because the full puppy right the reason you will always people like it's a pet will but it's a bear no that's okay I understand what I mean because if you were if you're someone like me you're going to the mountains every once in awhile you'll drive around and the only shooting of a bear you might do is with the camera you know you you're looking to see the bear in their natural habitat it's it's always fun always do it very safely don't be complete idiots and get that the videos of people getting out of their cars no no not stay in the cars to keep at a distance I think I'll hand feed the bad stuff that click no Timothy Treadwell you need to keep your distance so let me shoot the bear exactly so the whole idea is that you know no we you wouldn't want to hurt the value one when a bear to have to die just so you can have a carpet your den right so you have a full bear rug well no puppies died advertise a full puppy run listen we we we raise our foe puppies to give the softest for possible we feed them they lost well it is Eric not Gary your complaints to Ellison no one no no what matter I'm not saying kill puppies no no no and do that I don't care what they're mad at I just wanted to be mad at me these are old puppies they don't exist I get enough eight why the whole bear they don't exist it's cotton now if you get mad at killing cotton plants okay we can have that discussion so now so now you look at it or it could be wall I have no idea a bunch of naked sheep running around okay not get angry we can get angry at that okay fine they're cold now what.

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