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Score mark paying twenty. Nine Ninety Five for the gentlemen, renters, our Russell, my as go down to the Denny's and get some for four anti man. That's exactly what I said I said I hope my window the first day it was like a beacon. That's something that waffle house across the street this is. Going to tell me, but you know back in the day you know we had to cram so many guys in a car and you've bannered on that. You know a bunch of guys in a mini van three four five in a car and we all did that, but you know. Once I finally started. Making money started getting on top. You know I'm a loner man, just by nature of the guys and traveled guys got to. To, say the Monday morning I started making money. I. I enjoy traveling by myself and just getting behind the wheel. You know doing my own stops, not even have and Billy Gunn for for a long time road Selah with me and he was a great guy to travel with. We were always on the same page as you and I were, but you know my my point is now when you get back on the road. And all the miles, and all the dues you paid and stuff you've done. You're still mindful of what you spend, and you want to be treated. Well. You WanNa stay in a nice bed and get a decent ride, but you you. You Ain't throwing money way. You're still pretty tight. What you're damn money because I talked to you all the time. You do not spend money. It's like you know you go into a liquor store and you know you're on the road and you're going to get you a couple of bottles of wine because you know. They're gonNA. They're gonNA. Hit you up, you know. What Jay? Laura's GonNa cautioned thirty nine dollars or the doubletree when you can go to. Kroger's pick a damn thing up for twelve bucks. So I'M GONNA I'M GONNA I'M GONNA. Make that extra stop it's it's a wine store in and pay my my. You know pay. Retail Not ten times retail, I mean it's just it's one of those things were just like it. It IT I. Don't believe it's just ridiculous. You know people ask me all the time, so I can't believe you do this. I can't believe you still go out and do this do that and I said man thirty five years ago. When I was eighteen years old, he told me I. Have Some Baseball Field and sign autographs and give me some. Thousands of dollars put my name on a piece of paper. What changes that doesn't change my life. I'm the same dude. Is Funny Though just because you? You have a little bit of success in something and the game that we were in. You still got to work I mean that's what life's all about. This show is all about to work in man in the working woman, and so you still go out there, and do they still they still send him damn gimmicks and the male bills. You don't want to spend off your savings right now. Where you still able to be productive, it's all about paying you Dan monthly nut. Have Conversation every single time we talk and I'm talking to Kevin. Kevin Nash and we'RE GONNA. Take a little bit of a pause for the cause here word from my wonderful sponsors, WanNa come back with Kevin. We're going to segue into some hardcore wrestling. We're GONNA talk about.

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