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A bay area craft brewer delivers a marijuana based beverage this is a very important product how, cannabis could alter the state's thirst for all. Kinds of drinks. A KCBS special report this Friday morning Let's go back to the KCBS. Traffic center for an update on, the roads with Sherry and we're going. To start in Palo Alto looking at the Chilton auto body collision. Cam, I see a new crash, northbound one. On one at San. Antonio one car is on. The shoulder but let the last check I made there, was still a car blocking the third lane from the left now let's talk about southbound. One zero one it's just really tough we've got a crash Marsh looks like it. May be, getting out of the. Way but it is definitely slow. Behind it and then it would Woodside we've, got two cars they started out blocking the right hand lane may have made it, over by, now southbound one zero one at Ringstorff. We have a two car crash this one. Started in the left hand lane so I, don't know why everybody is. Having such a hard time with southbound one zero one but you're going to find. Slow stretches San Mateo bridge is. Still a rough ride if you're trying. To get their eastbound ninety two. Begins at elevated Dulles Paul doesn't really open up till you get to the high rise and the Dumbarton Is a pretty good on, the, span but when you're trying to get out there you're gonna find. A willow road University Avenue both, very slow eastbound all the way back. From middle field road and the Marsh road bayfront expressway approach is. Also, pretty slow still and getting, lots of. Calls about the Rio. Vista bridge latest update is. The same three AM is when we expect to have, the Rio vista bridge lowered so you can use it again so for now avoid it. And if you know anybody who might not know about that let them know ahead. Of time, your next traffic update. At seven twenty eight on the. Traffic leader KCBS thank you Sherry by the, way I neglected to mention sports was sponsored by m. g. m. b. Jesse painting, let's get, your six day forecast now from Paul. Deneau with KPI x five we have an. Ocean breeze which is increasing which is taken, are moderates unhealthier quality and. Put it all back into the moderate range and tomorrow is not a spare the Air, day a good to moderate air quality is forecast for tomorrow also that ocean. Breeze will begin a slow but steady cooling, trend most of the cooling will be inland, still going to, be warmer than average for the next several days nineties again inland tomorrow seventies near the bay sixties at the beach then as we get the weekend upper eighties too low. Nineties inland and mainly sixties near the bay and next week these slow but steady cooldown continues a, highs may actually fall back to. Average or a few degrees. Cooler than average by next Wednesday with highs in the mid, to upper eighties inland in the low to mid sixty s near, the base the ocean breeze getting. A bit stronger everyday. Keeping the smoke away and also dropping our temperatures I'm meteorologist Paul KPI expiring KCBS forecast KCBS. News time seven twenty one a gofundme campaign has been launched to help an. Iconic San Francisco event continue to bring laughs, to Golden Gate park we are joined on the KCBS ring central Newsline by the director president of the board of comedy. Day Debi Durst the thirty eighth annual comedy day's. Coming, up, Sunday September sixteenth in what used to be called Sharon. Meadow but it's now Robin Williams meadow Debbie does the crowd funding campaign means the event was in. Danger of not, happening well, you know it's it's, a total we're a nonprofit organization and every year we have to find money to put the event, on and it's quite expensive the rental of the meadow alone is about one third of our budget and, I just we, need to have the show, people need to laugh there's very few free things. Left in San Francisco we've never charged admission four comedy, day and we're not going to start now it can be revealed now that for years Robin Williams helped fund comedy day his loss. Of course was tough on you and his friends but was it also a big setback financially for comedy Yes, it was it was it was a. Financial said anytime any. Organization loses money it's, a setback and it doesn't matter. How what the amount, is it's just oh no now that's, money we're going to have to find from somewhere else But Robin was was generous in giving to comedy day and that's. Kinda why I wanted to have the meadow named after him because, there needs to be something. In San Francisco city proper with his name on it and he was at the very first. Comedy day and was at all the comedy days he could go to if he was in town or. Not? Working he would always show? Up, now you're. Not a. Concert promoter or an event, planner by trade your comedian. And actress director and I know this is a ton of work to put, on, for. One of one. Day every year why why do you do it Oh good grief Like Kevin Costner signed the ball for the love. Of the game it's. It's our company picnic comedians are happy to be able to be living and working, in San Francisco and there was a time when you could make a living just doing comedy here, in San Francisco and it was kind of a, way to say thank you to the city for letting us live here and be circus people and just to give back to the, community at large and, it's just a it's a lot of work and a lot of heartache in a, lot of sweat a, lot of tears and even some blood sometimes because I. Have, fallen down But then I just take a moment or two when the show was. Going on and I. Look backstage and everybody is having such a great time you get to see your, fellow comedians in broad daylight and and spend an afternoon just hanging out and talking and it it's, it's like a big family it's it's very San, Francisco has always been very nurturing we've been talking to Debbie Durst the head of comedy day in Golden Gate park regarding the gofundme, campaign if you wanna, give go to gun go fund me online and look up comedy day comedy day, in the park coming, up this year Sunday September sixteenth in.

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