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Personally. Iran's won't be nice I will I will adopt the guy of levesque. You know. 'cause you don't ages love a nicer one. I'm I'm just really nice really past the five by Roy lobby confidence. I will come to us by. So if Detroit's all meet Hoo Hoo Hoo Lan bastard me for not coming to your city and if you don't buy tickets hey you know how they used to pinch your ear and usually I mean I can't do do due violence because I really want you to support can be violence but what I'm saying L. Authority pitcher ears and just just come so don't make me I don't make me you. Don't make me look at you while I'm in Detroit with my Hoodie on looking around trying to figure out where all yell at come out and and not just Detroit but every city I mean I'm coming to Dallas. I'm coming in. Houston I'm coming. I'm coming to the bait urge area. Yeah this is GonNa be phenomenal so again even Haji Dot Com. I your ticket cyber Monday. Okay your blood. This is an area that young. How can I leave you on your birthday? We'll give the beds. That is my gifts and my present to you all on my birthday. Thank you so much so you love warriors as we love you. Don't worry before I know you. People are looking at is just message. Funded new episode. Everybody calm we come back we come back back in fact love you and I are going to be in the studio recording. The new season's just relaxed ask people have families to on this holiday is GonNa Love Open. Your family is gone. You know. Meet New People and if you have a it causing a broader a grandfather whatever you know. AARP is still the beneficial to meet. Goes you know if your grandfather is still you know you're just my way you got one. That's getting my DM's as well don't worry. We are coming back for a new season. But in the meantime while you're waiting to get your fix these in July you can come and see on all right. Right DOT COM.

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