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With news of other addictions, and overdose deaths spreading for it stopped advocating cocaine's medicinal benefits, but continued to use the drug for migraines, depression, and nasal inflammation for those who don't know snorting cocaine through a nose. That's inflamed by cocaine is a bad idea to the degree that it can cause tissue death or necrosis Freud treated this tissue necrosis with more cocaine his writings on the benefits of cocaine been called into serious question as he referenced successful outcomes of patients who don't seem to have existed. He published a scientific study on the physiological effects of cocaine on reaction time and muscle strength. His only experimental subject was himself in his right up. He tried to explain away his failure to test other subjects and then claimed he had confirmed his results by testing colleagues. Which also cannot be proved the study was riddled with methodological flaws, and as one biographer commented may rank among the most careless research studies ever to see print Freud was trained as a scientist. But didn't live up to its principles in the article on coca he demonstrated poor scholarship omitting crucial references, citing references from another bibliography without reading them and making careless errors like misstating names dates and places of publication. There were numerous instances where it also appeared that his own drug use was affecting his judgement. He even prescribed cocaine to a patient with diptheria and often fatal bacterial infection of the mouth and throat which most of us thankfully have never encountered owing to the D T A P vaccine were given his children for more on cocaine and some surprise. Zing theories about sex and the human nose, welcome. Our next guest presenter. Thanks for having me moxie. I'm maranda from interesting sex podcasts where I interview people that aren't defeted kink and Bedia them and learn about what they're into it sex positive. It's fun. We'd love to have you stopped by when you're done with your brain on facts. I thought healthcare was a wreck now but imagine going to the doctor and the late eighteen hundreds Vienna. Freud was coming into full swing with his ideas and studies of dreams talk therapy. And yes Freud worked with cocaine as a local anesthetic as well. As talk therapy, which honestly might not have been half bad of an idea because people do talk a lot when they're on coke no personal experience just saying so over one hundred years ago neurological reflexes emanating from the nose known as nasal reflex neurosis where considered to be the cause of many symptoms, including some dumps related. To the detail ya Dr Wilhelm Fleiss found Ford through his papers on cocaine. He was an auditor Lalla gist. I can't say that word, but he was doctor dealing with the ear nose and throat head and neck, but he also took an interest in human rhythms and sexual cycles. Fleiss thought the nasal passages had an effect on sleep and chest pains, but then he started linking along with Freud. The nasal passages with menstrual pain, miscarriages and psychological disorders. And thus nasal reflex. Neurosis was born Freud being a patient of Fleiss started sending his own patients to him as well. Unfortunately, ending in an almost deadly incident with Emma, Eckstein, Freud diagnosed her with hysteria and compulsive masturbation masturbation was not considered proper or even safe for women of that time for it sent her to Dr Fleiss within a month of seen. Dr Fleiss, Emma was near the point of death. A second opinion doctor checked her out and found gauze left inside her nose. She went into Freud's office with nervousness and a tendency to masturbate and left Fleiss is with half of her face collapse to surgery and infection. I appreciate all the work and discoveries. These guys made through trial and error. But thank the good Lord. They aren't might doctor 'cause masturbation rules. And like I said guys, I'm Miranda. I'm with interesting sex podcasts. I'd love for you guys to stop by. Visit me when you're done with your brain on facts. I talked to people that are into like kink fetish beady SM about who they are why they're into what they're into. And what makes them take? How it makes them feel good and how it's affected their life. I'm always curious in. I'd love to share my curiosity with you. Thanks for having me back to you moxie sakes. Miranda. One of the best known forty and theories is his identification of the parts of consciousness Freud thought that all babies are initially dominated by unconscious instinctual and selfish urges for immediate gratification, which he labeled.

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