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Evil. Terrorizing people. Bexhill-on-sea? Your next story of a bother in Beck's hill comes from PJ, O'Rourke, bexhill-on-sea lovely little English. Coastal village has a lovely little problem. Bechtel's overrun with Bechtel's. A backsaw local Sussex dialect is a European door mouse, we creatures resembling mice except with furry tales. Great big is on a soft fluffy coat, the most adorable creatures you've ever seen, but lately perhaps due to climate change. The little darlings have been breeding like the dickens Brexit is infested with an estimated nine hundred thousand Brexit's. Now, what door mice do is be dormant curl up in a sweet little ball for negotiate asleep. Nerd doing it, everywhere and Brexit launcy. But did you so precious that in this nation of animal lovers? No, one has the heart to disturb them to cute to shoot has one local. Put it fortunately for the citizens of Brexit. Brexit hasn't happened yet. The EU commission is sending in a special team from Slovenia to deal with the problem and say team of Slovenian chefs because in Slovenia, the dorm is considered a delicacy. Thousands. If not millions of dorm ice over running backs hill in there too cute to shoot in your last story of bexhill-on-sea, minus comes from Paula Poundstone. The UK's bexhill-on-sea was quite a quaint little town until X exposure to the Amway company..

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