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What's the secret to a great night's sleep on the road increased comfort and profitability and that's what you get with the new freightliner cascadia bill for both comfort and functionality fully equipped with a roomy and customizable interior including a revolutionary driver loft added storage capacity and a spacious driver's lounge life on the road has never been better experience the interior and exterior of the new cascadia by taking a virtual tour at freightliner dot com if you're a trucking industry professional then you need to be in the know and there's no one more in the know than the readers of fleet owner magazine written for executives and managers owner provides information on operations vehicle maintenance regulations and information technology but that's not all played owner with its monthly print publication and fleet under dot com website has all the latest news and information to keep your business operating efficiently from industry experts to award winning writers and columnists fleet owner is the number one source of trucking information in north america informational webinars executive reports blogs videos international trucking news and more are all easily accessible from fleet owner dot com and if you're looking to buy or sell a truck miss at the fleet owner pantheon auctions page powered by asset nation joined fleet owner on twitter and facebook to hear what others are saying and remember to visit fleet on her dot com every day for the latest industry news sign up to receive the fleet owner free daily newsletter and your copy of fleet owner imprint do you tell him for singing overdrive magazine and red eye radio looking for truckers to enter the fifth annual trucker talent search singing contest visit trucker talent search dot com where you can enter by filling out a form and entering a youtube link to video of you singing the video can be shot with a smartphone with or without accompaniment three finalists compete for a thousand dollar cash prize at the great american trucking show and balancing august submissions close may i so be sure to visit trucker talent search dot com and enter today with.

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