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But what would this plan mean for you and your family I had a chance to sit down and chat with Headley heath manning. She is a policy director at the independent women's forum. And I asked her what a Medicare for all type program or plan would do to your healthcare. I think we have to be very careful who might ultimately be the victim here. It sounds like a good idea to give everybody basically the same insurance coverage by we've got programs in place today that are specifically designed for for certain populations, the Medicaid is for people with low incomes Medicare was designed for senior citizens, and, you know, expanding those programs as we've seen, you know, Medicaid was expanded tremendously under the ACA whenever we expand one of these government programs able bodied people to more people than were originally intended to benefit from the program, then that vulnerable population, you know, low income people sick people elderly people, they're the first people to suffer because you're taking a program that was. Really designed to protect them. You're expanding it to people who otherwise would do just fine in a marketplace, you know, buying private insurance for themselves. I think we have to be careful not to victimize the populations that we, you know, for a long time have tried to protect for USA radio news. I'm timberg. I live alone and rarely have visitors. So when I slipped and fell in the kitchen last month and couldn't get to a phone. I knew I was in trouble. I could barely move. I tried calling for help. But no one could hear me as I lay there. I couldn't help. But think of my kids and grandkids having to go on without me. I was terrified it took eight hours from my neighbor to find me it could have been the end of me..

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