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I thought so fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. It's time for the pocket. Protector century the analytic numbers. You need to know well. Maybe anthony masterson as his name. Bs analytics is his game. What do you got for me anthony. I know people keep talking about shohei otani. But i really don't think we can talk enough about what he's doing the season it's made even more crazy by comparing him to his peers. Let's pitching surpise. Great obviously to fifty eight. Era fifth in the american league. Better than garrett. Cole and tyler glass now. His strikeout percentage of thirty three point one percent also fifth better than lucas g lido opponents hitting one eighty eight autumn. Better than yu darvish including an absurd. Oh eighty-six against his splitter as a hitter easily not only to show. Hey lead all of baseball extra-base hits he's only behind vladi junior and fernando. Todd s- junior opie and slugging. Going deeper he leads the league in barrels and barrel rate and his average exit velocities only behind guys like judge vladi a kunia and machado while his heart hit percentage. The number of it's above ninety five miles. An hour is only behind judge. But that's not all. He's one of only three players this season with twenty homers and ten steals joining totti's and kunia and he's a sprint speed of twenty eight point nine feet per second. Anything above thirty is considered a lead faster than guys like what airfield cedric mullins and trevor story. Plus he'll be the first japanese-born player and first pitcher in the homerun derby in a few weeks in colorado. He's a unicorn he's captain of the varsity team. He's literally doing all money into more money. Now it's time for betting on the basis with dave guess guy love that money that money rob. We got some interesting games over the weekend. Fridays menu looks awfully good dodgers or in dc against the nationals padres and phillies from philadelphia. And the mets and the yankees. I know new york. The mets that is they've been led by jacob degrom. He's not pitching in this ball. Game on friday they're going up against garrett cole though they been laboring as the late yankees only a couple games over five hundred. I'm not gonna touch them at all this weekend series games that will be looking at first off. I'm looking at the angels and orioles. That game is in anaheim. I'm taking the angels in this one. Shohei ohtani continues to swing a red hot bat on taking the team in that affair. Taking the giants there in arizona it gets the diamondbacks. Alex will be thrown for san francisco in that context. And i'm also taking the chicago white sox. They're on the road against your lowly detroit tigers lance. Lynn is on the bump seven three this season. Era two oh six. I'm taking the white sox and the victory in that one as well pay cash. It's time for trash. Talk twitter wing with your chance to trash anyone or anything in major league baseball. This week's trash comes from the bronx. Da ro annex from 'em brown at pro meal one six one and he is not happy with google gate and he tweeted me. This the yanks got scammed by garrett cole for three hundred twenty four million dollars no sticky stuff. Now he's back to who he was in pittsburgh and i'm pissed if you wanna have your trash on the podcast. Hit me up all my twitter at rob parker f s one. When rob was a newspaper columnist he lived by this motto. If i'm writing i'm rippin. Let's bring in a writer. Broadcaster older new i. Now let's welcome to the program brandon. Carr who is a content reporter for mlb bro dot com and. He has a piece on the website today. July first of course is bobby bo. Nia day brandon. Welcome to the podcast and tell us for all the people who don't know why today is bobbi baena day. Could they say it's a special day especially people of color for outsmarting a million getting one over on the man so bobby bruyneel Back in nineteen ninety nine. He was old. I'm gonna say almost six million dollars. But due to the mets being involved with bernie madoff find schemes. They didn't have the money to pay them so basics like oh man we just work a deal get you away from us man you over one point. Two million dollars Starting in twenty eleven for twenty four years and we give you eight percent interest rate or whatever so they use thinking you know the cost on price inflation or whatever may be down. I mean i'd be up or whatever so it's like a gamble and he's like you know what i think they're doing. Whatever long story short how. He's one of the mets are highest. Paid player still. He hasn't played baseball for the nineteen ninety nine. So it's a gorgeous day for black baseball players. It is crazy that the mets could make a deal brandon where they owe somebody five point nine million and instead from twenty eleven to twenty thirty five. I mean this is twenty twenty one. He still has fourteen years and on july first year. It's going to get one point nine million dollars a year. I who who in the world could have come up with this idea when you when you do your research and you were writing your story about this. Did you scratch your head and say how did this happen or give all products to say about it here but which is agent. I think his name was like a demon gobert. and hopefully. that's his name and He he had coding office and he was just working out in the negotions. Whatever with the organization he was like you know what compensated with here and he was down for the for payments. And at the time you know it was it's not really new for players of that magnitude and a half of furry payments. But like i said he was like you know what i'll take it. It is what it is. I have the money for the future. Honey right now has some money. When i'm old man and like i said this can't you're rich and he looked like agendas right now. So you gotta give it to him and give two days and there's no doubt about it. I may not see bobby boondi. Every so often at all star games and see him around always has a big smile on his face and for good reason because anybody who could broker a deal like this and and still have another eleven years to go is pretty amazing but thanks for that piece on. Mlb bro dot com. Check out brandon. Cars work on the site and brandon. Thanks for joining the podcast. We appreciate it. Sits jones in for baseball fans take on the game..

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