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I'm trying to remember what the what the parents do in the parent trap. Another dad owns the vineyard. But wanted to say that the mom was in function. But am I just think he one hundred one as you know, I think she is. I was gonna say designer she's she's a designer of some kind. Yeah. But I think fashion is ringing abo-. Yeah. And then in it's complicated. There's obviously Meryl Streep's bakery. She could eat a goson so one of in it's complicated. Exactly. So she she loves these kind of creative jobs for women are very traditionally feminine. But also, I think these rose allow female protagonist to be incredibly neurotic, and I think all of have maybe it's confront this idea of being workaholic baby. Ms well is nothing is maybe right. They haven't. I haven't seen it. Diane keaton. I'm pretty sure that I see my as I think she may be directed didn't writer. I'd I'd have to check. But the main carrot says she sort of his own, whoa straight. And then she goes and starts making these homemade apple preserves makes makes his business of like making apple sauce. And yes, so you like Nancy Meyers is interested in this idea the domestic and of like what's of traditional women? Do they do have these crazily feminine jobs? But that just sorry. Of in their own heads, and kind of neurotic, the I think there's something very different about those characters. So highly strung, she must be confronting her own kind of idea of work hauling interesting in the Amanda character particular, isn't it 'cause she may be conforms most closely to that in this film that she's extremely highly strung she's convinced that she she's such a workaholic that she can never have a real relationship with anybody and the first proper date. She goes on with Graham, he's just asking. So what do you do for work and she kinda lies to him? And initially says, oh, you know, I I'm film editor. And then later reveals actually she is the film trailer editor person and she owns her business. And he's like why didn't you say that straight away? And she says, oh, well, you know, some men are intimidated by the the in business, and I have this great reputation. So so, yes, she's clearly like second guessing herself. The whole time. Yeah. It's interesting though, isn't it because these Nancy Meyers jobs often as you say these really high flying jobs that allow characters to be workaho, Alex. But that also symbol Tamie Asli jobs that allow them to take a lot of time awful. I don't actually have to see them working very much. So you've got these professed workaholic characters that we never actually see do any work or like in the holiday to be fair. We do see Amanda editing film. Trader we do see IRS working at the office in the telegraph? It's kind of like introduction to heed these characters are and then we move on..

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