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Lease it's good i think you'll jordan the max fund drive isn't about you if this show were about you name would be in the title i know it's about you talking about disabled michael jordan movies about why g yeah personal story max drive let so this is more a blonde the lines of the importance of the podcast and something i like so much about the max fund drive is that it's it's time for joining canadian reject your release would you please thank you creed that's my favorite michael michael it's a good one case a good one my favorite is the thin man remake i wanna make with michael jordan anna kendrick movie doesn't have to be movie yeah if someone can rest the rights away from johnny depp who has been trying for years the thin man remake done with him as nick charles which is a stupid idea sure is johnny depp is just going to do a fucking imitation of william powell who is perfect nick charles why would you try to top perfect okay let's get back to you johnny depp will will rescind the rights if michael jordan promises to where nine scarfs and the film but he's going to be counting he's going to go frame by frame counting those scarves gaglione the eight in this one here's movies concern during my concern is that somehow we transition from you tell the story to you as a batting practice picture for elliott who's in sort of like elliott homerun derby right.

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