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The following meditation is led by Tara brach to access more of my meditations. Join my Email list, please. Visit Tara Brock dot com. You might take some moments to adjust your posture. So that you're sitting in a way that feels upright you're sitting tall. And that helps to bring some alertness to your presence. It also at ease. See if you can relax around that tall nece? Relaxed and alert. You might feel this body sitting here breathing. Feel the breath right in the area of the heart. Let there be listening to your heart. And you might ask yourself. What is my deepest intention for practicing meditation right now. This is the inquiry of what really matters to me. The sinning noticing what you really feel sincere about. What your heart cares about? As you sense that carrying we'll be chanting together. As a way of opening the meditation will chant the mantra own that sound current of connectedness, and you might gently bring the palms together at the heart. Chant three times. We'll begin by taking a nice, full and deep in breath. You can right from the beginning of your meditation and fuse, the quality of friendliness of open heartedness. And the image and felt sense of a smile can support you in that quite powerful way. You might begin by imagining, a vast blue-sky extending an all direction. Transit failed at the curve of a smile. That receptivity and brightness and warmth of a smile. Imagine sense your mind merging with that open sky. Why

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