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Yeah, it was Simpler Times back in the day for me. It was one champion in each week class, but you got to also understand a lot of this stuff happened because of promoters sure because I was doing my own thing I could do I wants to do when I got rid now that's telling you call me. HARD TO GONNA, Fight Roy Jones or you just call me a either called me get a bill. I don't care what benefit is. It could be the National Walmart built. I won't it. When you go back to the days like how many were there was a two-day maybe. David ended. When I the other day Hagler vs Mugabe that was again that was a good fighter. He would ahead with having, there's a time in the fight where he hits haggard with uppercut snap taggers, head back and Hagley just right back at them like it was nothing like I didn't even work. Hegley wasn't in my data might dozen learn things from the kid and well learn from Hagler was consistency. He would same ruining white trunks and have to say Marvin Hagler every time. Yup If. You Fall Haggling guess what you're going to. Get. Headline. Yup. He was. So, disciplined too so disciplined. Yes I. Think he was training for Mustapa. Hampshire. Forget who is training for. But when I was a kid I was living in Boston and was I was watching this thing they had him on the news where Hagler was running down the Cape Cape Cod in the wintertime run in the sand dudes Screamin. War. And I. Got chills. I got goosebumps watching like just that discipline that man ad he was never out of shape. He talked about the whole training camp lower. Yeah. Every day every day every day. He had what a mind he had. I mean he just was so. It was just so fierce. You know as a champion but wasn't. What I liked about people like Marvin he was so consistent that. Not One time did not make weight right he woke up to meet you. He wasn't went down to meet you right. Meet him at one sixty he'll. He'll get. What's your name? Is One sixty come on. Yeah. Act that when he fought sugar ray and I kinda gave it to him. I, mean I'd have to watch it at the time I'd have to watch it again now as an adult but I remember when I watched it back then I thought he won the fight and he just said that's it. I'm done never came back went to Italy started making movies. You ever watched some of those movies watching but I see him every now and then there are Larry did in good shape looks good. Talks Great. I mean he has no problems at all. No, which is amazing. It's beautiful to see someone get out clean of cloth and have a new life. Yes. Yes. Yes. But for me for Marvan I thought if I looked at it as an adult too I thought the I should have been called a draw at least a best in Understood. Why should one because sugar painless pitcher before the fight the I'm not even supposed to be in here right right. So. He did. He's GonNa get two points for breath head on was going to get. Yeah. Because sugar painted a picture to the public the I'm not even supposed to be here with his most. It's always a problem judging underdog. Me and so that's that's why in the fans he also knows how to play with the crowd. So sugar use his brain and got the decision that night. But if you look at the actuality of the fight it either a draw or you probably could have gave the Haggar but because he was champ. I would've said it looking at it as an adult I would have probably scored a draw but both of them put on an immaculate fight in like it was a beautiful fight for me because sugar came back and like I said, he painted that picture like even be in here and he was really phenomenal for. Five years so he made it look like. I'm defeating odds and everything he did he it to such a high level that it made it look like he did. When you were coming up, did you watch a lot of films of of the Great? Lakes. Well, only watch a few guys and I can tell you a lot of the guys that was I used to watch Salvador Sanchez. Get because to me, he was the best offensive minded guy of what a tragedy that guy died. Years because my dream fight this this get. So pissed off about face not having like right now a May because coffered and spence aren't getting into the fight one-up what am I dream fights wolves sill patriots, versus Salvador sent both of the featherweight champion. Making. The two featherweight champion to best at the division I want to see them lockup. See who is there because I love both of them. I Love Pedro's because of his Bolo punches and because he's not say he's real more but dirty inside ring right. But Salvador has so much offense I wanted to know how is he going to keep off of him with the opposite? And the incentive to a unfortunately was killed in a car wreck and that that that just blew my make a fighter week they'll. Probably besides her that was my other make mega mega fight to meet the original horns led. An all time. Angelo Dundee's in the corner absorb that. Kid. And he goes out and wins. Goddamn epic who that was epic especially, because hearns at one forty seven could hit people and knocked him into another fucking dimension..

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