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There's less meat parental, and also the conditions there in our fucking awful any factory farming is really bad, young pigs heartbreaking. I don't. I don't wanna come on this podcast down because I told I love eating and I don't judge anyone for eating what they eat. But yeah, I started out because that movie scared me for the health reasons. But then it became about the animals. But now I'm like, I really tired and I think maybe eating a burger once a week will help me. So I'm just, that's my experiment right now. What is the wait? So you're tired from not eating meat and dairy. I think someone my iron is really low and iron supplements aren't the best trying. I misunderstood. You were getting tired for meeting so much meat and dairy and helped. Help Geno and misstated as veganism because you are, you're still eating fish, but like tell you. Yes, the character from pup who ate the burgers, the same Wimpy Wimpy. He was one of the most tired guys on earth. He was. He was sleeping under a tree, and meanwhile Popeye's on his spinach, diet ball energy too much energy from c. Just don't know what to believe out there. Everybody's got a different story. What did Bluto eat. I don't know. That's a good question. I don't know, say oil. Care could named olive oil hill. Oh, God. No, I didn't mean it like that. What were you going to say? I was just gonna say, you're hoping Popeye comes back so you can play blue in the review. Do you guys ever eliminate certain things from your diet or just kind of always a free for all? I did. I did. I was vegetarian for a stretch and I just got fat. It's just like it's just hard because you know when I when I saw him down quite a bit, it was by restricting. By by having really only high fiber carbs and by cutting out sugar. And then you know, when you're when you're not eating meat, it's just like a lot of potatoes, rice and. Yeah, exactly. And, and it's also easy to I've heard this stated on some other people afraid the college vegetarian, which is like your vegetarian breeding, grilled cheese, sandwiches, and fries, and nice cream. Exactly earning a bunch of unhealthy shit. And I went through this similar sort of thing, so partly stopped it for health reasons. But like. I don't want. I won't blow V8. too much on this, but although I have a tendency to do so like iced waving your hands, shoot blood. Sorry. Oh my God. Survivor you? I would be nervous because my. Has matt's. But the. Where was I going? Oh, yeah. Like like it's also not a non issue where factory farming is not about individual choice. It's about the system. It's like a lot of things in America, like it's fucked up, not because individual people aren't recycling. It's fucked up because you know. Yeah, because these basically the one hundred largest corporations responsible for sixty percent of emissions. All right. It's it's a similar sort of thing in the food system that's saying, I know. I know. You're right. I don't like I don't like emissions. You're getting. You were going to Randy said they don't wanna bloviate too much. Just want a A million. million, your bloviating all over the place. Sick freak lax. At the top of my wishlist would be like a trend would move away from factory farming, eating sustainable..

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