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I saw was that a a screen. Grab of Andy Reid is the thirteen year old of punt pass and kick with the small kid right behind him. You know that picture twice the size of the kids. So the mean was next to Andy Reid was this game. In over the little kid was every other NFL. That's a good one. All right. So I just ate it. Eight humble pie. Oh, gosh. Let's go to John in Indiana. Our good buddy how you been John Deere's. Happy thanksgiving year. It's Chris to Mike and all the, you know, the staff there at all. Hey, I am thankful for drew Brees. I just want throw that out there quick. Also, what am I Doug ball jersey in preparation for interview later accent? I just wanted to say the semi-finalist list came out pro football fame, our guy, Steve Smith are misty St. Fabel fable, isn't there? Steve smoke will be one point but see stable, what do we stable and they see that. You can't right pro football history without mentioned this game. But Steve sable is the author of pro football history. So what are we gonna do? Well, I think this year the minute Gil Brandt was nominated that was the slot for a contributor. So I don't know the answer to that. John. He's gotta get in. I mean, it's just that simple as dad's there, Steve you cannot, you know, pro when you say as you point out, you can't that's one of the metrics is to whether somebody is hall of fame worthy. Can you tell the story of of of football without this person? And if the answer is no then they're in. And if you say there's an argument based on what they did for their team in their era, and Steve sable is NFL history. I mean, you when you recount NFL history. It is him and not a day goes by John where I don't think what would Steve sable have thought because when NFL network started. That's when I first met him, and he was around all the time we had a segment on NFL total access once a week called Steve Sables best shot where it was like a three four minute. Video of him. Just opening on a subject of the day using something from it. I'm getting goosebumps talking about not in your head Mike because those would use NFL history too. Perspective on on a current story. And he goes, you know, that's my best shot. That's the way he would end it. And then we would see him at Super Bowls, and he would just tell stories and he was in walking encyclopedia and a walking history capsule. I mean, I couldn't I just wish I could know what Steve sable thought about Patrick Mahomes. What Steve sable would have thought about this Monday night football game. What Steve sable would have thought about the Khalil Mack trade? And I'm telling you if he was alive today and sitting in the chair next to me, he would tell fifteen stories off the top of his head about it. And then other stories, so I'm with you, John. Yeah. Yeah. Have a great thanksgiving where can people get your podcast John out that four packs thinking audio content available on apple podcasts? Stitcher pretty much anywhere podcast other. Yeah. So just check it out four packs thinking audio content at BT, thank you for the plug Adeboye. It's John's in Indiana, you're on the show. All right. Allen Dallas Albert main too long. What's going on? Now. What's happening? I've been extremely busy traveling the east coast. My thing, you know, Brockman seen the play by play first and foremost, happy thanksgiving to everybody's brother family, east coast is going to be jammed up if anybody's going out that way. So so I I was trying to think about who's the most important person I'm thankful for right now in sports, and I don't have one. That's how that's how bad it is. Right now, come on. Now..

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