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Bryan Michaela, you did make it through her long, exhausting week, Makayla got her CF designation. They just 18 months of hard work and getting up early every morning. Very quickly. The results aren't finalized for, like, a month. But you know, I'm feeling good about it. Okay. Good. Of course you are. Because you always study so hard. I mean, yeah, You're You're the bookworm on this team, Brian. Okay? Yeah, I shot fired over the bow right off. The beginning of the show was going to give you a hard time that I have to give you a hard time because those of our listeners who follow us on Facebook at Raleigh Wealth Solutions. Got a peek at your Halloween costume. Weak. That was interesting. Yeah, So we were in Atlanta and we had hockey there with my youngest son. And because really, you know, there's no Halloween and this is like 15 year old guys. And we're all back in the hotel. There's nothing we could do. A seven o'clock said they were gonna have a Halloween party and mandatory. All the kids dress up and the coaches dress up. So the red had got the great idea of Hey, let's go is Fred Flintstone and Wilma and you kind of look like I'm in my cave man outfit there just like Fred Flintstone. So I'll say the redhead looks good. So she does. I will fits her for sure. The you know, seedy goods You got with a good costume in the bat and And what's really interesting is that used to be my dad's nickname was Fred Flintstone, because he was built kind of like of you, and I was pebbles, which I did not like many questions about that. But I want you to know we're not going to go there. But it just goes. Fred Flintstone on didn't have a bam bam! Son. That was Barney rubble, You know, for all of our older listeners that know the Flintstones and the rubbles. Fred just had a daughter, Pebbles and what's really aggravated because I was like this big, burly kid and all through high school, it was petals. So burns is that's why I'm not happy that the Fred Flintstone. He's kind of having flashbacks there and my daughter kind of snuck that in there without me note. Looks like Hey, did you see us on Facebook? I'm like, No, I didn't do anything for Facebook. And so Makayla put our picture up there from the Halloween party fans in love a lot. I know the fans love to see the founder outside. The outside of the office, and I said This was secret payback. You know, I quietly took it when he was trying to pimp me out on the radio a couple of weeks,.

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