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<hes> you know we Mona keys for almost the whole of the ten thousand years and when we stopped formerly being monarchy's we very quickly went back to having the strong guy in fact I think we I it's not just that we we we have this past. When we imagine the future when we when we right you know stall bibles? Look we fill it with an princesses. It's almost like that is the natural human condition and I think this is what Franken meant by if you can keep it right it's the U._S.. Is Extraordinary in the raiders created a a system of checks and balances where autocracy is is difficult but just because just because you've managed for a couple of hundred years doesn't mean the what you're doing is is naturally it's not it runs up against human instincts and intuitions and one of the things that really worries me is how easily people can go back to authoritarian politics autocracy my guy not your guy tribalism <hes> it. It's happened here with repeatedly that I found astonishing and and it's happening all over the Western world. So how do we keep this anachronism going. I mean given the fact that people seem to want to follow the strongman given the fact that the only type of politics people actually WanNa talk about is not the legislative sausage making or even the party interplay what they really want to talk about his leadership right here here. We've only talked about Donald Trump talked about Boris. Johnson took that Jeremy Corbyn namely the quote unquote big men of politics. How do we likely big men right a dictator classics that are fictional dictates that I don't know which of them is the least exclusively his the thing you and I are products of education system that an and most people watching that taught us a bunch of counter intuitive and countercyclical ideas for example the notion him that someone that you don't like may still have something useful to say that is a really difficult? I dare it does not come naturally. It were were much more prone to go with our tribal heuristic of my side good Yo side bad and you have to be told that you have to be taught. The scientific method you have taught empiricism you have to be told is difficult idea of assessing something by whether it's true rather than by whether you like the Guy Sang it. I don't think we're doing that now. I think not only in an most obviously in in in universities but actually in in secondary education patient as well we are instead of teaching these countercyclical ideas that make an open society and and Republican government possible were during the opposite what teaching identity politics we're going back to the premodern idea the your defined by the circumstances is your birth and I think that is turning backs on the enlightenment. I think it's a it's a really alarming trait. I'm generally hugely optimistic about the world in about the U._S.. But this is the thing that worries me more than almost anything else because having having built this extrordinary miracle where we are able to change governments peacefully without anyone being exiled or short we have free speech and Free Assembly and private property and all the rest of it if you lose that the other that it's just going to happen again when it really only happened the one time in ten thousand years. It's is kind of a big gamble so we you've got a constantly work to keep system going constant repower constant husbandry and and in particular that means teaching people all the time you know you can disagree with someone without his being an enemy our opponents in our enemies. This is one of the things that I find so odd about sort of our modern politics. We focus a lot on what government is doing what government actors are doing but it seems like the important work is being neglected. Sort of the upkeep of the ditches is to make sure the irrigation is flowing that these social fabric that requires stitching that is being allowed to fray meanwhile. We're focusing on sort of clubbing each other governmental level. It's become what Barack Obama suggested in two thousand twelve the only thing that we have in common government which means that if if the only tool of power is government and the only thing we have in common is government than control of government becomes.

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