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Camping. But you're right on the on the beach and we'll you're up high unlike kind of the cliff overlooking the water but then they have steps down that you can go to the beach. It's really great super-safe. The kids just run round ride their bikes all around really fun. We tend to go with you know lots of families and you have to book your campground sites at least six months in advance. So it's Har- it's it's it's hard because it's a very desirable campground. So you'd have to book your sites at least six months in advance however we have found that. Sometimes there's like last minute cancellations and so you can book something more last minute but usually it'll we'll just be from one night if you WANNA do. Weekends are really popular. So we're going this weekend. Which is Veterans Day weekend and it's was really popular weekends so we had to book way back six months ago and we booked for Thursday night Friday night Saturday night Sunday night and that way I think since we were starting on the Thursday we were all able to get sites because we could go the whole time instead of just waiting till Friday because if you wait till the Friday a a lot of places are booked already because people already booked on Thursdays? Yeah but it's really fund camping. How expensive is it? Oh it's not that much at all. Oh I don't I don't even know what it is. We'll look it up and put it on the way I've show notes and things to do in San Diego Dot. US and it's really important that you take a look at the show notes because sometimes tend to talk so fast about things and if you're not familiar with the area you'll have no idea where we're talking about so I point all of that out and put maps there and all sorts of things that's helpful because is yes. I know that there was something else that you're talking about that I used to do with the kids concerts in the park. Oh yes during the summer. We are so lucky in Carlsbad. It's bad because we have concerts in the.

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