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Land gulf lot. Gold day yeah. I think you. I know he's tape. Remember the because the i was so impressive. Less about content is peak times Listen to really notice. Podcast that was company has opened back. Listen to steve. Crossman interviewed him when he's allah galaxy for bbc world service and he talks about essentially why he felt that italy was where he became goalscorer et cetera s race century to score goals. And he talks about when he when he was growing up. It was all about skills. As about street. Football grownup in model mode wasn't almost as important. School goes important to embarrass you. Play nice everybody got rex. That was never that burden to school goals when he finally arrived at ebay in two thousand four. He said that's where pathway to become a true striker and underway. Speaks about italy's is is just beautiful One of the things. I love our pastures savage savages. To what is the team. Self book is something. Michael kaley talks about a mock as wicky. Sports analysts on twitter. And he says is that sense. Create this amazing persona that kind of occupies everybody's time and and he's so good it deliver in la That when you actually see him interviewed prickliest so noise. You've got such a thoughtful. Caring person. deeply loves his family. Lock me talk passionately about. Do you ever seen my family in pitches. like no because law liberty. Make sure that. Like i protect my wife and my laughing. Several meetings like we've got to make sure that football is a case of. That's me but we've got to make sure the family's okay because one doesn't work together and cause as christmas talked about alexey lot you'll agent said that your wife wanted to come to la. It's like that's not necessarily true. So my wife like la deer but but we want. It's find a happy medium. I just thought you know the ego driven. The humility isn't it. Yeah yeah. I love love this. This character is created. Go about town. Mark got that he's created this this persona this just fascinated. Don't think this anyone use anyone's done in football like him really know and it's almost like you said it's the separation of kind of the model the pitch and around on the pigeons. None of the man on the pitch and latin is the one that uses this kind of this. We'll call it. Almost verges on oregon's and allow people to do things are them but it's just so supremely confident and to see in top level be that confident You know he's always going to succeed if he's got lebanon of confidence in the level of either is is unbelievable some of the achievements. He's achieved golden bull. Two thousand fourteen. Two thousand fifteen two thousand sixteen syria or the year two thousand eleven two thousand and eight thousand not puskas award two thousand forty. The list goes on and on and on the on the goal is like the best show. Yeah go against england. That's how long ago that was killed. Fourteen six years ago fairway yesterday. I always i've the utmost respect for any cluster eclair that goes into their midst midsayap too late as that can still perform the highest level because the dedication to your body your mind. You know emotionally and physically. He's obviously still doing things to keep his body in top shape..

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