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Sees this hill kill me and i thought i would die i mean and this is like only two thousand eight or nine this is lubei in dubai you're saying wow the world has moved so fast and then you find these little clusters where women are still living in the past where do you get your nails done i get my nails done at samuel cherie gate on sixty fifth street and when you do get many years at other places and when the people don't know you do you tell them that you are se no of course not my little stepson would always say you know who she is and i would say ben don't do that then comes to get your nails done some ben would be there yeah very nervous i will tell you they when they find out they get real extremely nervous i don't know why but they do did they it was there every time they didn't believe you that you are indeed esi will you know sometimes i'd go into a salon and it wasn't even to get a manicure just be selling product and i would say hi messy and they would say manny manny and i said no no no no no i'm esa alot i just want to you know introduce myself and they get a little bit confused but it was always fun and yeah you know the business caught always worked right now the market has changed a bed i mean it used to be basically exclusively women and now more and more men are going into salons and male grooming as you know increasing and importance to men do know many men who get their neal's polish absolutely a lot of them will get one color of either one coat of mademoiselle which my husband happens to wear because it just looks like a good finish almost like a woman's of blush so it's a little bit of something but it's no one could tell it's a color and then some men really getting color.

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